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Recover lost photos from an SD card

The limit up to which you can keep clicking photos non-stop using your camera, depends on the in-built memory capacity of the camera, or the storage capacity of the memory card being used by you. You will eventually reach a stage, when you would have to transfer the photos from your camera to your system, or some other storage media. It is during the transfer of photos between these devices that there are high chances of losing data.

It is however easy to recover deleted photos provided you take some precautions. They can be summarized as follows,

  • Avoid switching off the digital camera when a writing process is taking place. This could lead to incomplete data writing and damage pictures.
  • Never pull out the memory card without turning the digital camera off. This could damage your memory card leading to permanent loss of data.
  • Using digital picture storage device with different kind of computers could damage or corrupt the memory cards.

REMO Recover (Windows) Media Edition software lets you recover photos from SATA, IDE, USB and SCSI hard drives. Photo recovery is speeded up by the use of an advanced file search algorithm, which is capable of recovering photos having extensive damage.