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Outstanding tool to Recover Reformatted Hard Drive

People needs to format new hard drive if they have purchased it for the first time. By formatting process, hard drive is divided into number of sections known as partitions, etc. Many times user need to go with re formatting but one should know why reformatting is done? Reformatting is a process where you can delete all data present on the disk by formatting and to store other vital files on that place. It can be done in case of hard drive errors, computer start –up troubles and illegal commands, which affects performance of the system.

Are you a user who lost data while converting FAT 16 to ExFAT? Do not get tension if your reply is yes. As there are numerous tools available on online to overcome such problem. It depends on you to select proper software among those readily available applications. By making use of most trusted program known as file recovery Windows, it is very easy for you to retrieve data without difficulty. This is a most often used utility to rescue lost data due to file system conversion.

Coming to the point of most probable scenarios, you can see the factors resulting in reformatting are explained below:

Re installing Operating System: Reformatting is necessary for computer users in case of re-installing new Operating system. However, during this process user wishes to avoid difficulty in recognizing new file systems with older file systems and to improve their systems speed users go with reformatting option.

Operating system crash: Operating system plays a vital role on every computer. If your OS is supportive to all softwares then it is convenient for you to install important softwares. When you try to modify one application to another then your computer is unable to access such files resulting in reformatting leads to data loss.

Hard disk bad sectors: Hard disk stores huge amount of data. Bad sectors on hard drive make users unable to access the data present on it. The bad sectors can be occurring due to improper shutdown of system or unreliable data cables or due to aging of hard disk. When users face any of these situations, definitely they will reformat it.

This widely used tool is liable for recovery of data from failed and re partitioned hard disk. It has the ability to recover data from re-formatted hard disk. The cost effective software is designed with simple features to get back data from reformatted drive within few mouse clicks. Hard disk of different brands like western digital, Seagate and Toshiba are supported by this proficient application. It is used to obtain data from non-booting devices. This utility is capable to recover around 300 file types such as documents, zip archives, spread sheets, etc. It is possible for you to create disk image files to bad sectors to obtain data from it.

Simple preventive tricks to be followed by user to avoid data loss are as below:

If you lost data while formatting then do not use formatted hard drive to avoid over writing. Be careful when you are installing operating system on your computer because there might be chances of accidental formatting of drives.