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Method to Restore Deleted or Lost Files from SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) card is the one of the most widely used flash memory card in portable devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, handheld consoles, tablet computers, etc. SD cards are available in four variants namely SDSC (Standard Capacity), SDHC (High Capacity), SDXC (Extended Capacity) and SDIO (Input Output). The storage capacity of SD cards ranging from original 1 MB to e 2 TB. Micro and mini versions of SD cards have released for use in different types of handheld devices.

Due to a number of reasons files stored in an SD card can get deleted or lost. These data loss happens while using it on gadgets or personal computers. But SD card recovery for restoring missing or deleted files is not a difficult task nowadays. Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software is especially intended for that purpose. By using software you can recover files form SD cards having different file systems such as FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFS+.

Causes of Data Deletion or Lost from SD cards

Accidental Formatting: Sometimes you may accidentally format an SD card that contains important data using your computer, even your intention was to format another drive.

Accidental Deletion: While previewing photos on your camera, you may accidentally select, option for deletion. As a result, photo stored in the memory card get deleted.

Virus Attack: If you connect your SD card into a virus infected computer, the files on SD card may get affected by those viruses and may result in their loss.

Third Party Tools: Third party tools that are used for removing junk files on your SD card, may be result in the missing of valuable SD card files.

Features of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software

Corrupted Memory Card Recovery is the best SD card recovery tool intended for retrieving lost files from SD cards of types SDSC, SDHC and SDXC. This tool also well applicable to xD, MMC and CF cards. This tool is well equipped for data recovery from SD cards of manufacturers like Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, Strontium, HP, Moser Baer, etc. You can even recover digital RAW photos of various camera brands using this software.

Steps to recover SD cards with Corrupted Memory Card Recovery

  1. Download and install Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software on your desktop or laptop computer. If you are using a desktop computer, you can use the computer USB port to connect SD card from which files are lost. If your computer is laptop, you can either use USB or SD card slot to connect SD card.
  2. Open the Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software. In its home screen, you will see 3 options namely ‘Recover Files’, ’Recover Drives’, and ’Recover Photos’. Select the third option. i.e. ‘Recover photos’ for SD card recovery.
  3. On the next screen also, you will see 2 different options. First option is for a quick and basic recovery for media files such as photos, music, videos etc. deleted from SD cards. Second option offers advanced recovery of lost photos which is more time consuming. Depending on your requirement, select the right option.
  4. You have to select your SD card from a list of devices appear in the next screen. Then click forward arrow at the bottom right corner of your screen to start scanning.
  5. After the completion of scanning, you can preview the files that can be recovered form SD card in Data View or File Type View.