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Know How to Use Hard Disk Drive Recovery Utility

Hard drive is used to store various files such as videos, audios, pictures, documents, etc. These files and folders may get deleted or lost from recover-data-from-hard-driveWindows or Mac based system due to various reasons.  In such situations if you don’t have a backup of important files then you got worried and thinking about how to recover hard disk drive.

If you are facing such situations then don’t get panicked because using Hard Drive Recovery Utility you can recover hard disk drive data.

Reasons that are responsible for data loss from Hard Disk Drive:

Accidental Deletion: Suppose, while deleting an unnecessary partition from system hard drive, accidentally you may select an important partition and delete them.  But with the help of Hard Drive Recovery Utility, you can easily retrieve deleted partition from hard disk drive.

Using unreliable third party software: To perform any computer related task you might install any unreliable third party tool on your computer, sometimes these unreliable programs become a root cause for loss of data from computer hard drive.

Files Deletion by Antivirus: Antivirus application, which you install on your computer to avoid virus threats will make you to lose important files, that means when a file gets infected by virus you may scan the computer using antivirus program, during the scanning process sometimes antivirus will delete severely infected files.

File System Corruption: The file system is a very important data structure responsible for storing and retrieving data from the device. As a result of any known or obscure reasons, if this file system gets corrupted then you will not be able to access any of the data from the device. This will in turn lead to severe loss in data. However with the help of Hard Drive Recovery Utility, you can recover data from hard drive in a very efficient manner.

Defrag Errors: At the time defragging of system hard disk, if any unexpected error occurs then there are possibilities of losing data.

Besides above mentioned scenarios there are some other reasons for data loss from hard drive such as Improper shutdown of system, reformatted hard drive, software conflicts, hard drive crash due to operating system malfunction, bad sectors, etc. In such circumstances, you can just make use of Hard Drive Recovery Utility to recover deleted or lost data from hard disk drive.

Precautionary Measures:

  • 1: Always keep back up of important files in some secondary storage device such as external hard drive, USB drive, etc to avoid such issue.
  • 2: Use updated antivirus on your system to make your system free from virus attacks.
  • 3: Check twice while formatting of any partition from the hard drive.

Features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility:

  • 1: Hard disk drive recovery utility is capable of recovering deleted or lost data from hard drives (SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI, etc).
  • 2: It can be easily installed on different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.
  • 3: The software is also compatible with almost all available versions of Mac operating systems, which include Mavericks, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, etc.
  • 4: It recovers various types of files such as video files, images, documents, music, etc.
  • 5: Using this software you can search the recovered files on the date of creation, file size, file type, etc.
  • 6: Download the demo version of hard disk drive recovery utility from website and install on computer. Run the application and get back lost or deleted files of hard drive. In case, you feel the product is worthy then purchase its licensed version to save the recovered results.