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How to recover NTFS partition using Windows partition recovery software

Hard drive is a main part of your Windows computer in which the valuable data and the installed software is stored. The large number of files which are stored in the hard drive can be managed very easily. To maintain data effectively on your hard drive, it can be divided into many partitions. In windows hard drive, generally NTFS file system is used. But sometimes the NTFS partition may get corrupt due to various reasons such as operating system crash, virus attack etc. In this circumstance you may face serious partition data loss situation. Then you need to make use of Windows partition recovery software to get back all lost data from the partition.

NTFS is a most advanced file system which is used in Windows operating system. It has a file system journaling feature, which helps to keep data safely in the case of operating system crash and improper shutdown of your computer system. However, there are some other reasons which cause data loss from your NTFS partition. Then to retrieve data from partition, you need to make use of Windows partition recovery software.

Some of the scenarios where you need to make use of this partition recovery software are explained below.

  • Virus attack: viruses are the kind or program, which may corrupt files stored in the partition. Sometimes they can delete complete file.
  • File system corruption: File system is an important part of hard drive, which keeps the complete information of all stored files on a partition. If this file system gets corrupted, the partition cannot be accessed and all stored files become inaccessible to Windows operating system.
  • Partition table corruption: Partition table is a type of data structure which keeps information regarding all partitions of hard drive. Once it is corrupted, the partitions cannot be located or accessed by the user.
  • Hard drive formatting: Hard drive formatting means erasing all partitions from the hard drive. If you have accidentally formatted your computer hard drive, you will lose data from all partitions of your hard drive.

If you have encountered the above explained scenarios you can recover partition using Windows partition recovery software.

Windows partition recovery software is designed by some industry professionals, especially to recover partitions data on Windows. Using this software you can easily recover data from re-partitioned or re-formatted drives. It performs fast recovery of corrupted partitions because it has strong inbuilt scanning algorithm. This inbuilt algorithm can identify around 300 types of files and restores them within few minutes. It supports data recovery from the FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS 5 partitions or drives. It can also be used to recover partitions from the external hard drive. One can also download trial version of this software to evaluate chances of partition recovery, before purchasing the software. If you have satisfied with the trial version of this software, you can save the recovered files using full version of this software. The recovered files can be saved in the same location or in any other storage media.