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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card?

Memory card or flash memory card is a data storage device which is used to save digital information. These memory cards are used in numerous electronic devices like mobile phones, camcorders, MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops, and more. Inside every memory card there is a chip that helps to write, rewrite and read the files many times. Nowadays, the varieties of electronic devices are being launched in the market due to usage of memory cards is also increased. In memory card also, there are many companies that manufacture memory card such as Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Transcend, Sony, etc.

There are various kinds of memory card are there that includes SD cards, Memory stick, MMC, Compact flash cards, and more. These memory cards are supported in different multimedia devices that can store mixture of file formats such as audios, text documents, videos, images, etc. However, the files like photos stored in the memory card are deleted or lost due to some rMemory-Cards1111easons. There are plenty of factors which are responsible for the deletion of data from the memory card.

One of the most frequent data loss scenarios that might occur to everyone, that is assume that you have attached memory card via USB port to transfer some precious pictures. In this process, you might accidentally remove the memory card abruptly from the system; this may cause loss of data from your memory card. If, you are facing these kinds of issues then don’t get tensed now you can recover deleted files from memory card without any difficulty.

Scenarios that lead to deletion of photos from memory cards:

Human mistake:

Deleting images unintentional from the memory card.

When the digital cameras battery is very low, at that time if user captures photo this lead to loss of data.

Formatting memory card by mistake.

Selecting delete all button accidentally from the mobile phone.

Abruptly drawing the card during file transfer.

Virus attack:

If memory card get connected to the computer which is severely infected by malicious programs like Worms and virus. It may delete the files stored in the memory card.

Abrupt shut down:

Power failure while transferring photos.

During file transfer process suddenly system shut down.

Memory card corruption:

Ejecting memory card during file transfer.

If user used same memory card in various electronic devices might damage or corrupt the file system of memory card.

Tips to avoid deletion of pictures from memory card:

Maintain backup of data that are saved in memory card in other storage media.

Soon after deletion or your favorite photos from memory card, stop using memory card. If you use memory card for saving new data, as this may overwrite the deleted data memory space with new data.

Scan the memory card regularly using updated antivirus software.

Do not connect memory card to any infected or unknown devices.

How to recover deleted files from memory card?

File Recovery Tool is developed by the group of industrial experts for retrieving deleted or lost files after formatting or re-formatting the memory card. It is built with simple user interface. You can easily recover deleted photos memory card safely and securely that has been deleted in any known or unknown ways without any much effort. It does not alter the original deleted file; rather it just reads the data and recreates the same files in a path specified by you.