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How Do I Check the Quality of Website on Windows PC?

WebIs it needed to check the quality of websites?Yes, it is much needed to check the quality of the websites which you are using. It is so because, there are more hackers which provides fake websites and the intention behind creating these fake websites is to take the information that the users approaches to.

With the help of this, hackers get the complete personal data of the users with tracking through these fake websites. So there is need to know the status of the websites which are using and then you can protect yourself from the hackers. Be smart in this advanced world and secure your data wisely by using some free tools which can predict the quality of websites. Before that, let us why it is an important task to about the quality of websites.

Why It Is So Important For Users To Check Websites?

Now a day, a serious problem that every single user is facing is none other than dangerous root certificate as there are number of adware programs which can create the certification of websites from which you will get assurance that the websites which you are using is safe one, but in actual practice, it won’t may be because with these adware programs, hackers are easily creating websites which are signed so you should very careful while making use of any unknown website, it is much more better when you check the websites before making use of it.

How Can We Check Websites?

When you talk about the past, it was much simple as the Microsoft tool which was inbuilt in the Windows computer as the new Microsoft Tool helps users by scanning quickly the website which you are using it and then if anything found related to fake websites then notification is send by the Microsoft to the users informing about the fake websites and can protect users from using it. Some websites are certified even though it is fake one, then also Microsoft helps you all the way as the Microsoft won’t simply trust the websites, as it check for everything and then allow users to make use of it if it safety and certified one.

In the Windows 10, you may find the best working of this inbuilt features while on the other platforms, it won’t so that is because it has been updated in Windows 10 machine by the Microsoft with the impressive techniques. Windows Vista, XP and all series except Windows 10 fails to work on these features, but on Windows 10 this feature really works well.

Procedure for Checking:

Download the SignCheck which is a tool provided by the Microsoft for checking websites status and get the update version of it.

After completing the download of the SignCheck, extract .zip file just by dragging it to the desktop of Windows computer.

Press and hold shift key and select Windows explorer and then choose for opening Windows by using open command

Here the checking will be take place, if it is good the result will get displayed on the screen like ‘No duplicates certificates found’ or else it can detect easily.