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File recovery after loss or inaccessibility Mode.

Have you ever deleted files from the HDD, USB drive etc by mistake?

If you have encountered this situation ever, then you might be in trouble, but still you have an option opened and the option is of doing recovery.  But the question which will arise in your mind is how to find deleted files.

Worry or panic is not the solution. What ever the loss of files is done you can easily recover it just by using the recovery tool in fact you can also repair if the file is corrupted.  But the case in which recovery is possible that is the case in which you don’t have to write the files on the space from where the files were lost.

What makes possible to find deleted files from hard drive?

There are a number of ways to recuperate the data from hard disk or from another device. First see all those ways which actually results in file loss.

What could be the foremost data loss reasons?

Deleting the data using Shift+Del keys: Most of the users are in practice to use a Shift+Del key combination which deletes the files skipping the Recycle bin. So this skipping of files snatches the way of recovering data. Therefore, the deletion of files using this combination keys can lead to permanent loss.

Accidentally erasing the files Recycle Bin or USB: Accidentally deletion of files from wrong folder or of wrong file deletion if done then the file directly use the Recycle Bin  and if these files are deleted from Recycle bin then the file will completely gone. Therefore you cannot recover the files from Recycle bin if lost.

File deleted using Windows Command Prompt: Everyone is not perfect with the dos prompt so if deletion of files done from this prompt then the files need to be recovered.

Recycle bin Pass: Sometime when files are deleted from hard disk and if the size of that particular deleted file is bigger than recycle bin’s size then the file will pass from the Recycle Bin and there will be no storage and the recovery medium have to be used.

There are a few precautionary steps which need to be followed and if followed then there will no loss of files but still if there is a loss then you can download the software from the internet.

But the only condition which have to be followed that is you have to avoid the data overwriting on the hard disk from where the data was deleted.