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External Hard Drive File Recovery

Hi, is your essential files got deleted or lost from external hard drive and are you searching for prominent tool to recover your lost files? Then, read out this brief article to know how to recover files in simple way.

About External Hard Drive:

External hard drive is a storage device used to save and backup any kind of files such as audios, videos, applications, pictures, video clips and movies. Additionally, it is a removable device and can be carried out anywhere so user has an option to store their essential and password protected files.

However, what happens if you lost your files from external hard drive due to hard drive crash or some other reasons. Surely, you will get frustrated since you may end up in losing some of your important files which can’t be created again. But, don’t worry if you have encountered such situation because by making use of External Hard Drive Recovery tool you can easily perform external hard drive file recovery. Moreover this tool is considered as one of the popular product since it is suggested by many industry experts.

Remarkable Features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This tool has an ability to recover many types of files such as images, video clips, audios, applications, documents and presentations without any difficulty.
  • It is built with an advanced algorithm which makes file recovery simple and efficient. Additionally, user can also customize the recovery process by adding or editing the file signatures.
  • With the usage of this utility, user can recover lost or deleted files from various brands of external hard drives such as Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Hitachi, LaCie, Samsung and many others.
  • Once the file is recovered, user has an option to use “Save Recovery Session” to avoid re-scanning of hard disk.
  • Recovered files can be viewed on the basis on the “file type view” option.
  • This prominent utility supports recovery from various types of file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFSX, HFS+ partitions /volumes.
  • It can be installed and performed well in major Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Scenarios where you can use External Hard Drive Software:

  • When you try to transfer file from external hard drive to system or vice-versa; if any interruptions occurs such as sudden system shutdown due to power failure or system freeze then there are chances that you may end up in losing your essential files.
  • If your files got deleted or lost during re-partitioning or re-formatting then you can use this utility to effectively restore your files back.
  • When you try to open hard disk, at times it will force you to “format the drive” after that you will be blocked from accessing the files on hard drive. Inorder to get rid of it, you might format the hard drive intentionally which in turn leads to huge loss of files.
  • Other scenarios such as malware infection, file system conversion error, defrag failure, software conflicts, etc. may also result in file loss or deletion from external hard drive.


Additional Info: If your file got deleted from external hard drive then you can perfectly recover it by using this powerful tool. To know more about how to recover deleted file from external hdd visit this page: www.externalharddrivefilerecovery.com/deleted.html.