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Data Recovery after BSOD Error

“Hi, my system hard drive has been crashed, because of this it is showing a Blue Screen of Death i.e. BSOD from morning. I don’t know what to do now, I had saved many important files in it. All those files cannot be accessed from my system. Can please anyone tell me how to restore data after blue screen of death? I need an optimistic solution.”    

Well, this sort of problem is quite common. You’ll get such errors when the hard disk of your computer gets crashed. All the files that have been stored in hard disk get lost in this scenario, if you too have come across a situation like this then don’t ever get panic. Right now it is possible to recover data after blue screen of death, and for recovering the data you have to make use of Data Recovery Software. As the name itself suggest, this is nothing but a computer application which is basically used for recovering data from hard drive of computer system. It’s a powerful recovery software, which has been developed and launched by highly experienced techies. With the help of this Data Recovery Software, you can retrieve data after BSOD in few simple clicks. It comes with many incredible features, which are quite unique and proves to be very supportive for recovering data after blue screen of death. Coming to interface of tool, its really stunning and user friendly and the most important thing is, it gives comprehensible directions for each and every step. By following those steps, even an inexperienced who has less knowledge can employ the tool and recover data.

As already mentioned above that BSOD occurs due to crashing of hard disk, now let us have a concise discussion on some important scenarios due to which hard drive crashes.

  • Virus Infection: Virus is a highly disastrous element, if it enters in to the hard drive starts corrupting the files that have been stored in it. In certain critical cases, if virus infects system files then hard drive may crash, after which BSOD occurs on your screen. However, if you want restore important data in this condition, then you have to utilize Data Recovery App.
  • MBR Corruption: MBR stands for “Master Boot Record”, it’s nothing but a small program which gets loaded on RAM at the time of booting. It maintains vital info and performs important functions that are essential for booting. Due to any known or unknown reason, if it get corrupted then there are great possibilities for hard disk to get crash. When hard disk crashes you PC gives BSOD and important data which is stored on disk gets lost. But using data recovery utility, you could restore data with utmost ease.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are often created on hard disk, these bad sectors are nothing but a region on hard disk, which fails to boot. If there are too many bad sectors present on hard disk, the usually hard disk gets crashed and important data gets lost.
  • File System Corruption: In every storage device, there exists a file system. Even in hard drive file system is present, which is basically a data structure that plays a very important role in storing and retrieving data on drive. When file system gets severely corrupted due to any known or unknown reason, then hard drive will get crash which in turn generates blue screen of death resulting in huge loss of important data. But with the aid of data recovery utility, it is possible to recover data after blue screen after death.
  • Improper System Shut Down: As a result of frequent surge in power supply, if computer shuts down in an improper manner, then there are possibilities of hard disk to get crashed.

Other than these, there are few more reasons due to which blue screen of death occurs, but you don’t have to get worried in any respect, because Data Recovery Utility knows how to restore data after blue screen of death. This application proves to be highly powerful and the most proficient one, when compared with other tools that are available on web these days.

Remarkable Features of Data Recovery Software:

Data Recovery Tool is a safest computer software, which is totally free from various harmful elements like malware and malignant programs. It’s easily compatible with all available versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 8, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. It supports all available versions of Mac including Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. With the help of this recovery app you could get back lost or deleted data from various secondary storage devices like pen drives, external hard disks, memory sticks, memory cards, iPod, FireWire drives, etc. It has the capability of recovering more than 300 types of files which comprises photos, videos, songs, Word documents, PPT files, Excel files, PDF and many more. Once files are recovered they can be sorted on the basis of file type, creation date, file format, etc. It recovers data from various kinds of hard drives interfaces including IDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA, etc. It has potential to recover data from various brands of hard drives including Toshiba, Samsung, SanDisk, Adata, Western Digital, Seagate, Sony, etc. This robust tool supports data recovery from various file systems including NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX, etc. It consumes very less space on hard disk of computer. It has remained an award winning utility consistently from past several years and has obtained several compliments from its users. Evaluate demo version of this recovery tool, if you feel it works as per your requirement then get its licensed version.

Precautionary steps:

  • Make use of updated version of antivirus tool to keep the system free from virus.
  • Use reliable source of power supply to avoid unexpected system shut down.

Even after following these above stated precautionary steps, if the hard drive crashes and blue screen of death occurs, then just make use of data recovery app and restore all your important files in just few moments.

Steps to use recover data after blue screen of death:

  • Download and install data recovery application on a healthy computer system. Connect the hard drive to healthy system. Launch the software and select “Recover Drives” from main screen, after this in second screen you have to select “Partition Recovery” and click on next button.
  • On third screen that appears on your computer, you have to select the partition from which you want to recover data. Once it is selected, the software scans and recovers entire data. You can easily preview all those files, but to save them you have to purchase its licensed version.