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CF Card Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted CF Card Files

CF card or simply called as compact flash card; it is a special type of flash memory storage device mainly used in many handheld devices. The Compact Flash was developed by SanDisk and it became more popular memory card since it is supported in various devices like digital cameras, camcorder so on. These CF cards are just about a size of a matchbox but have superior advantages over all other memory cards. One of the feature of CF cards are, It has a controller chip that attempts to avoid the early wearing out of a specific sector by spreading the data out over the device when writing.

CF card recoveryThough, with all these attributes Compact Flash cards sometimes under goes data loss. Many CF card users have lost data from the card inadvertently or without any reasons. Take a look of the real time incident that took place recently to one of the CF card holder. “Hello I am smith, I am a professional photographer and I prefer to capture photos only with Compact Flash cards due its good image pixels storing capabilities. But, recently I captured some photos ignoring the low batter warning on camera, this causes me loss of some captured image. Can someone suggest me an optimum CF card recovery tool? Thanks in anticipation”

What are the reasons for file loss / deletion on CF card?

Involuntarily format: Sometimes, user may accidental select “format” option on digital camera, while viewing pictures / videos. This causes erasing of the entire data present in the CF card and lead to loss.

Firmware errors: Many people aren’t aware of their camera’s firmware. It is the default software of the camera / portable devices which allows manipulating the camera features. Suppose, if there is bug in firmware then, chances are there that data presented on the CF card may get deleted without any notice.

Interruption: Generally, files that presented on CF memory cards are sensitive and have to be handled carefully. If a user misuses his Compact Flash card by abrupt ejection the card before file transfer, interrupting during the transfer process etc. may lead in deletion or loss of the files presented on the CF card.

Other initiators: Sometimes, reasons like deletion of file using “Shift + Delete”, file system corruption, intentional formatting might also produce data loss / deletion on Compact Flash card.

How to overcome file loss / deletion from CF card?

All the above various cause for files loss / deletion from CF cards might result in serious of data loss issues! But, all the data loss scenarios in Compact Flash cards can be simply overcome by using “CF card recovery” application. This utility can perform recovery of lost or accidentally deleted data from different types of CF memory cards manufactured by different manufacturers like Transcend, SanDisk, Lexar, etc. Apart from CF card retrieval it can also use to perform recover on different types of memory card such as Secure Digital card, XD cards, Smart Media card, Multimedia card, and so on. Try this software to obtain the expected results.