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Best recovery tool to recover deleted pictures

Oops! You accidentally deleted the photo from your camera’s memory card? Unfortunately, deleting pictures from a memory card has become a common problem as so many people tend to use them and sometimes press the wrong buttons on the camera!

Fortunately, there are several software applications that can help you recover your deleted digital photos. One of the best is REMO Photo Recovery Software which can successfully recover deleted pictures.

Deleted pictures that have not got overwritten can be recovered with ease. When a photo is deleted from a memory card, the link to the photo is removed, but not the actual data. Below example will give you a clear idea as what exactly happens when you delete a file from a memory card: Think you are in a library and searching for a particular book in the database, but you fail in finding the required information. May be the book was new and was not been updated into their online system yet, but the physical book is still there in the library, you just can’t find it easily. The same way, the photo you deleted still lies on your memory card, but no idea where exactly to find.

REMO Photo Recovery Software has highly advanced algorithms ever designed to support all major graphic, audio and video file formats. It includes almost all professional RAW photographic file formats. And it supports both Windows PC and Mac.

Trial version of the software is available for free which allows you to find the lost files and preview them. To recover and save the files to your disk you will need to purchase full version of the software.