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Tips to perform Outlook express email recovery

Outlook express makes use of .dbx file to store all items like emails, contacts, notes, etc. Outlook express is an email client and it is used in many organizations for internal and external communication of information. Each attribute of Outlook express has separate DBX file like inbox.dbx, sent.dbx, draft.dbx, etc.

However, the DBX file can get corrupt due to many reasons like virus attack, exceeding its limited size, improper termination of Outlook express profile and unintentional deletion of emails etc. In all these situations the DBX file can become inaccessible. Now the question may arise in your mind like how to perform Outlook express recovery? Yes, it is possible to fix the errors of DBX file and bring back the Outlook express profile in its working state.

Sometimes you will lose important information suddenly, after login Outlook express, without getting any warning message or errors. Even after checking deleted items folder also you will not get the email messages. Now you need to perform Outlook express email recovery, to get back all lost email items.

To restore deleted emails, you need to perform following steps.

  • First check the Recycle Bin where you will see mail_folder_name.bak file, mail_folder_name.bak is a particular folder name for example, for inbox the file name should be inbox.bak.
  • Then restore the BAK file in its original location.
  • Now you need to change the each file extension from BAK to DBX.
  • Finally start the Outlook express once again and check the restored emails.

Some best suggestions are given below, for the people who are using Outlook express.

  • To prevent data loss, the best idea is, have backup of Outlook express data regularly.
  • When you have deleted email messages accidentally, avoid using Outlook express as soon as possible.
  • After deletion of any data from Outlook express, fist check the “Deleted Items” folder and restore the deleted email messages in their original folder.

Still if you are not able to recover Outlook express or deleted emails, you need to use Outlook express recovery tool, which is available in the market. This software has a capacity to repair damaged DBX files which are created on various versions of Outlook express like 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. It recovers emails from DBX file, which gets corrupted due to oversized file size, compacting operation and during antivirus scanning incoming and outgoing emails. It recovers emails and keeps in .eml format and then you can easily import them back to your Outlook express profile. One can also download trial version of this software and estimate email recovery, before purchasing full version of this software. If you are happy with the working of trial version of this software, then you can make use of its complete version and save the recovered emails and other related data from your Outlook express.