The most popular and worldwide used one of the best Operating system is the Windows operating system. Windows operating system is famous because of its, flawless GUI, expanded security, improved performance, enhanced searching capabilities, provides lots of tools and features, etc. Only one bad thing about this software is the loss of files from the Windows OS due to, human errors (like, accidental deletion, accidental format of drive etc.), system errors (like, Windows failure to boot the system, inaccessible files due to MBR corruption etc.), etc. But don’t worry you can recover lost and deleted files from system very easily. Even recovery after format or even after re-installation of Windows OS can be possible. Only you need to use the recovery software like, Recover My Files software. This software helps to recover all lost and deleted files from hard disk drive.

Let’s know the typical scenarios behind the loss of files from Windows OS

1] Virus and Trojan attack: Viruses and Trojans are the hazardous threats which replicate itself and affect on the Windows file system, master boot record or Windows registry file. Due to virus attack these files get corrupt or damage and which leaves the stored data from system in inaccessible state.

Precaution: To avoid such type of corruption of file system, master boot record and Windows registry file you can keep updated antivirus. Anyone who facing such problem they can solve this problem by using recover my files software.


2] Unexpected system turn off: While uploading documents, installing the s/w, or downloading files in system if system gets shutdown unexpectedly due to power shortage then you may end up in loss of files from system.

Precaution: So it is always better to keep uninterrupted power supply (UPS) otherwise you can recover lost files using recover my files software.


3] Accidental loss of files: There are more situations like, due to unintentional apply of “Shift+Delete” keys, accidentally selection of wrong drive to format in which you have stored essential files, or unintentional emptying the recycle bin etc. are results in loss of stored files from system

Precaution: Making a habit of keeping a backup of important files is the always best solution to overcome such data loss problem. But in case you don’t have a backup then you can use the recover my files to recover lost and deleted files.


These are the steps which explained the most typical scenarios of data loss along with its precautions. So let’s know features and capabilities of the recover my files software.

  • Recover my files software is capable to recover lost and deleted files from SATA/SCSI/IDE hard drive, SD card, XD card, CF card MMC, iPods etc.
  • This software supports to recover lost and deleted files from file system like, FAT16, Fat32, NTFS and NTFS5 etc.
  • Recover my files software helps to recover all lost media files like photos, audio files, video files etc. and many more than 300 file types on the basis of unique signature.
  • Recover my files software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008.

Moreover recover my files software is available in free demo version which you can download and try for recovery.