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Steps to recover Word documents on Windows

MS Word is a text processor which comes with a package of Microsoft Office. It is regarded as the convenient tool creating, editing, viewing, saving and printing documents. This MS Office application maintains the written text files with various attractive features such as adding images, animations, bars, etc.  Word documents have different file extension which differs in accordance with the versions, they are .doc and .docx. Various versions of Word are Word 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

This Word application is helpful for personal, educational and business purposes. It allows you to transfer the documents over internet and lets you to view the design. These files can be stored on computer’s hard drive so that you can easily access the files whenever required. There are cases in which you may lose these Word files by any means for example virus attack, accidental deletion, formatting, etc. which causes huge loss of files as the files may be important to you.

Consider yourself in a scenario in which you have a computer with Windows OS installed in it. In order to free up hard drive space you decided to delete the unwanted files present on the hard drive. But while deleting accidentally you deleted some important Word files and even emptied the Windows Recycle Bin resulting in data loss. After losing data are you worried and looking out for some good Word document recovery software? Then you are at the right place!!!! Just use Windows file recovery software which can successfully perform Word document recovery and restores lost or deleted files just in few mouse clicks. You can go through this recovery software by following this link. This software is highly reviewed by skilled professionals having years of experience in developing file recovery software’s. However, it is very much important for you to know some more data loss scenarios which you might face in the future while using Word documents on Windows computer.

Some possible file loss scenarios:

  • Accidentally or knowingly formatting of Windows hard drive partition without taking backup of valuable files and folders results in severe loss of data.
  • Emptying of Windows Recycle Bin without checking its contents causes complete data loss.
  • If your Windows system fails to boot due to MBR corruption, boot sector virus or any other reasons then you will not be able to access the hard drive which in turn leads to loss of data.
  • In case you try to locate free space among the existing partitions and create new partitions on the hard drive, then it causes data loss from present partition.
  • Virus attack on your Windows PC results in file system corruption which in turn causes inaccessibility of stored Word file including other files leading to loss of data.
  • Improper conversion of file system from one file system to another like FAT to NTFS can result in data loss.

It is always suggested to create backup of crucial files and save it on some good external storage device, so that you can easily retrieve data if you come across any of the data loss scenarios mentioned above. But in case you don’t have backup then with the help of Windows file recovery software you can solve all your data loss problems. This software uses powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire Windows hard drive to identify file types and retrieves files based on their unique file signature. This software is compatible to work with all the updated versions of Windows operating system.

Some easy steps to use Windows file recovery software:

Download the demo version of Windows file recovery software and do the installation on the hard disk of your Windows system. By double clicking on the desktop icon you can launch and the application and then select appropriate file recovery options which you get while working with the tool. On completion of file restoration process you can judge the functionality of the software and if the software had done recovery as per your requirement then you can get its licensed version available on the internet.