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Solution to Recover Deleted Movie Files from HDD

Movie is a source of entertainment that is created in different file formats. The different file formats are 3GP, MP4, MPEG, AVI, FLV, MOV, XVid and many more. Sometimes users might delete movie files accidently from hard disk and regrets after doing so. Since it takes lot of time to download a movie file, the better option in front of the user is to recover deleted movies from hard disk.

However no need to get tensed, if you have deleted your movie file by mistake. By using My File Recovery software you can easily recover deleted movies from hard disk. This software is very effective to perform deleted movie recovery from hard disk that gets deleted due to various reasons. This software is capable in recovering deleted movie with few mouse clicks. The software is not only used to recover deleted movie but also used to recover mp3, images as well.

Reasons for Movie Deletion from Hard Disk

Accidental Deletion: The user has decided to delete some movie files from hard disk and have started the process by deleting one after the other but accidently he /she have pressed delete all option as a result of which all movie files get deleted from hard disk.

Virus Attack: While downloading movie through internet or sharing movie files from one device to another then there is a chance of virus attack and your movie file may corrupted due to the same reason.

Third Party Application: When you are scanning movie files through antivirus and some of the files may not be compatible with the antivirus installed on your system as a result movie files get deleted.

Bad Sector: Bad sector on hard drive is due to abrupt shut down of system. Bad sector leads to deletion of movie files saved on hard drive.

Defrag Hard Drive: When user need free space on hard he need to defrag the hard disk. During defragment of hard disk user accidently delete the movie files. Hence it results in deletion of movie files from Hard Disk.

Improper Transfer Process: When you cut a movie file and transfer it to another device. During this transfer process system is turned off due to certain error such as power failure then there is possibility that your movie files get deleted from hard disk.

Features of My File Recovery Software

  • My File Recovery software is easy to install on any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux and many more.
  • This software is compatible with different file formats of hard disk like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX.
  • The software includes some simple steps to recover deleted movie files from hard disk.
  • The Preview Option provides user a rough idea about the software and its effectiveness.
  • This software gives an option to the user to save recovered file either on internal or external storage device.
  • It is also used to recover audio file format like MP3, MP4, MIDI, AIF etc. and photo file format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF etc.
  • Demo version is available to check the effectiveness of the software. User can preview the recovered movie file and not able to save it.
  • 24*7 technical support is given to the customers who face difficulty related to the software.