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Retrieve Data from External Hard Drive

Hard drives can be can be found in new forms like external hard drives and USB hard drives. These computer drives usually are not integrated inside laptop or computer yet it’s easy to connect and remove from the computer. As with any computer hard drive, external hard drives may also store a good amount of data ranging around TB’s. External hard disks are portable and are popular devices to back up of one’s valuable data.

External hard disk drives are widely-used to store your important files and folders, photos, video clips, etc. However, like other hard disk drives, data loss situation could arise in external hard drive also. You could possibly lose variety of your precious data like emails and bank details saved on external storage drives due to accidental formatting of hard drive. Accidental deletion of data using “Shift+Delete” keys and improperly using cut and paste commands while accessing data on computer may delete might delete data from external hard drives. Also data might unintentionally get deleted from Windows command prompt.

Drive is reformatted to switch its file system from FAT to NTFS, for that you have to format your drive first and after that change file system. Such scenario can cause data loss, if you have forgot to take backup copy of your formatted drive. Attempting to locate free space among existing partitions and creating new partitions using some alternative tools can result in the deletion of some partitions and thereby causing data loss. There are other causes that may lead to loss of data from the hard drive like corruption of hard drive, computer viruses, sudden system turn off, power failures, etc. To recoup vital data from formatted hard drive, you can make use of some effective tool like Recover Drive software.

This software is complete tool for all those sort of data loss scenarios on any Windows system. You may also put it to use to recover drive data lost from external hard disk drives, USB hard drives and also from memory cards. It’ll successfully recover text files, music files, videos, photos and RAW images of professional DSLR camera by searching the deleted files on basis of unique file signatures. It’s has the capacity to locate and recover over 300 different file types and it will also facilitates you to add new file types to the existing list. The application scans your external hard drive which is connected to your personal computer or laptop and retrieves lost files in clicks of this software.

It is even helpful to recover files and folders from non-bootable external hard drive or from hard drive having bad sectors. Install this software on healthy computer and connect non-bootable external drive to this computer. The tool will scan the detected drives on computer and you can choose the infected hard drive from list of drives to retrieve your important files and folders. You’ll be able to download this software on your computer having Windows 7, XP and Vista OS.