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Restoring of files after corruption or loss


Windows OS is the making of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft has been in the business of developing a rich interface OS since 1985, later there comes the version of OS which was intense to work on computers, home and office desktop systems, laptops, notebooks, tablets this includes media center PC.

Windows 7 the newest version was launched in July 2009, and reached to the user for usage in October 2009, after 3 years of the version from the software released by Microsoft, Window Vista came Windows 7’s server counterpart, windows server 2008 and the like.


Many features were removed from the version of vista like, classic Start Menu from the desktop, some changes in task bar, and main four different applications were combined with Windows Vista and were excluded from 7 these are Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Calendar and Mail, and in addition many of the features were taken out of Windows 7 setup.


The setup file resides on hard disk irrespective of whatever systems are widely-used. The main internal section of the strategy to save data is hard disk that is only utilized to save the data and also the OS setup files, but if a hard disk drive is corrupted then there are various difficulties concerning to OS which you will be facing. So once the file is lost then you need to do recovery and better to use best file recovery program.

Not only set up files are important but there are more files rather than the system files which are saved on the system and are important. And if the documents are lost then they need to be recovered by using third party tools. So to recover documents from hard drive you need some third party tools.

Types of loss in windows:

There are numerous methods which corrupt as well as lead to fail boot sometimes. So let’s have a quick glimpse about the scenarios which can corrupt the data or installed Window on systems.

• Hard drive crash will restrict your system to get booted.
• If the partition is deleted or lost on which your OS was installed can lead to biggest loss of files.
• System caught from a virus attack that may corrupt your data on C drive as well as installed files on OS.
• Deletion of file due to using tools like antivirus within the system.
• Corruption caused because of the unsecured network if system is linked to the network.
• Abrupt visibility of blue screen because of failure of some hardware or file if missing from booting section.
• If the boot area of files is corrupted.

Since these are the most likely reason of the corruption of the OS which may take your whole system to crash, unbootable state, blue screen visibility, but these might be avoided as a way to keep the OS regularity. So it’s easier to follow some precautionary stages in order to save previously mentioned scenarios prefer to use updated antivirus in your system, always maintain the safe side so for this you can have a very strong backup, utilize a genuine version of the software that will steer clear of the crashes and failure of OS.

In case you will find there’s failure or loss of files, then you can certainly recover the files which have been lost or deleted, along with the option for recovery is recovery tools. You will find software download link on the internet that may be utilized and data might be recovered back.