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Recover lost pictures from memory card

It is quite common that people prefer to store some of their precious memories as a token of remembrance. So most of the times the memories are captured as photos and stored on storage devices like system hard drives, memory cards, etc that make you to access the data whenever necessary. Since the storage devices can get damaged due to number of reasons, the data stored on it might be lost most certainly. Assume that you connected your Kingston memory card to transfer all the photos stored on it to another storage device. When you started the file transfer process there was sudden power surge and the file transfer was dismissed. Later when you switch on the system to continue the file transfer and noticed that the memory card was not opening. This was due to the reason that the memory card was corrupted.  There are plenty of reasons that result in photo loss from Kingston memory card.

The reasons that cause loss of data from Kingston memory card are:

  • Virus attack: When the storage devices like memory cards undergo virus attack the data stored on it gets corrupt and the card will not respond to the commands given.
  • Interface / connectivity: When the memory card is been connected with the system and data is being processed from it, if there is any interference in the connectivity then the data from it can be lost.
  • Accidental deletion: If you accidentally select delete all option while viewing photos from memory card on camera then it deletes all the photos from memory card.
  • Format / re-format: When you format the memory card, all the data stored there will be erased and thus leading to data loss.

There are many such situations that cause severe data loss from memory cards and system hard drives. However there is no need to worry as you can recover those lost photos using recovery software. There is one such software that can easily restore pictures from kingston memory card effectively. This software can recover all media files like video files, photo files, audio songs and movies easily and efficiently.

The software performs scanning of the lost files from the device and recovers all the data that are accidentally deleted, corrupted or lost due to some activities. The software serves as the best photo recovery software for various brands of memory cards like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, etc. The software can be used to restore lost data from various kinds of memory devices like flash memory cards, SD cards, Micro SD cards, memory stick, pen drives, etc. Also the recovery program helps to retrieve deleted pictures from pc i.e. personal computer.  The features of the software that increases the performance of the recovery software are –

  • Retrieves all the data that is accidentally deleted from pc.
  • Effectively retrieves data from formatted or re-formatted memory cards.
  • Recovers all media files from corrupt memory cards due to virus attack.
  • Recovers all the photo files from memory cards and system hard drive.
  • Restores all photo file types like JPEG, PNG, CR2, NEF, ARW, GIF, etc from various storage devices.
  • Easily restores all the data from corrupt Kingston memory card.

If you have encountered any such data loss or photo loss situations and looking for good recovery software here is the best solution to solve your problem of data loss and restore the data. The software can be used on any memory device that is corrupt to recover all sort of lost data.  The program is available in two forms; demo version and actual complete version.  You can restore data using demo version of the software and if satisfied purchase the complete software for better usage.