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Perform Partition Recovery on HP Laptop

Ever come across with a situation, where you start up your HP laptop and find out that, one of your hard disk partitions was missing. You try searching for the missing partition, but no result. Are you wondering for tool which can help you to find HP laptop partition? Well your journey ends here!! In this article you will get optimum solution for your problem.

To arrange data in regular manner we hard drive is divided into smaller division and those divisions are known as partitions. These partitions separate the system files from the other personal data. It is very useful, when we install multiple operating systems on a Windows computer. For example, you install Windows Vista on one partition E of your system and on partition F you install Windows XP. To generate or delete a partition you can use disk management tool, which comes preinstalled with the operating system.

However, you might be careful while using disk management tool. Because, any interruption while creating, merging or deleting a partition using this applications results in partition deletion. But, with the introduction of Window partition recovery software all the data loss problems related to Windows operating system are solved. Using this tool it is very easy to recover deleted/ missing partition from Laptop of any brands such as HP, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer etc.

Scenarios responsible for partition lost:


  • Partition may even go missing during OS reinstallation.
  • Sometimes, converting the file system of the partition from Fat to NTFS or NTFS to NTFS5 will result in missing partition.
  • Partitions might get lost when an external drive is moved from one to another computer.
  • The partitions can also get lost if there is any virus attack on the hard disk.
  • Using any third party application to create a new partition.

You can easily overcome from the above mentioned scenarios, with the help of Windows partition recovery software. This utility is recommended by many experts to perform secure partition recovery. This software use advanced built in algorithm to execute missing partition recovery, even if the partition table is severely corrupt. The most important thing about this software is that it does not manipulate content of file or data to the drive or partition from where data is being recovered back. This the finest application to get back windows partition files.

Some Outstanding features of this tool:

Using this tool user can recover lost information from high capacity hard disk drives. It favors recovery of files from all types of hard drive interfaces such as SATA, IDE, SAS and etc. With this fabulous utility you can recover data from all various storage devices such as memory cards, iPods, external hard drives etc. This software has the ability to create disk image of the hard disk which bypasses bad sectors and recovers data from it. You can run this tool on all major Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. So if you are using Windows Vista OS and lost your partition, then rescue accidentally deleted partition from Vista with the help of this tool.

Procedure to use this utility:

Download and install Windows hard drive recovery program to your computer. Run the software and start the recovery process. Go with the partition recovery option to recover your missing partition. The computer scans and displays all the physical and logical drives from the system. Select the physical drive and click go with the next button. The tool scans again and displays all the missing partition from the selected hard disk. Choose the missing partition from where data is to be rescued back. The software repeats the scanning process and displays all the data from the missing partition. Select the files which are to be recovered. Then preview the recovered files, to check that whether you are recovering right file or not. After this select the destination location to save your recovered files or to any optical storage device such as CDs or DVDs.


Safety measures:

Before downloading, check whether there is sufficient space on drive or not. Create a proper backup, before moving for reinstallation operation. Be careful while using disk defragmentation tool. To protect your system from viruses or firmware’s use updated version of antivirus program in your system. Use strong power source to get rid from the abnormal system termination.