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JPEG File Recovery Tool

Image files are stored in different file formats like JPEG, JPG, IMG, TIFF, etc. in the file extension .jpeg, .jpg, .img, .tiff respectively as per their file format.  JPEG is the file format which is used in the logical compression of the image. With the help of this format, the size of the image file gets compressed and this will improve the quality of the image file.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group which is actually name of the committee who created these extraordinary file formats which allows quality improvement of the file. It uses the lossy compression for the digital images. It is most common format of image file which is used on World Wide Web for the purpose of storing and transmitting the image files as because it is standard file format. Another common image file format which is used for same purpose as JPEG files JFIF. JPEG or JFIF support the size limit up to four giga pixels.

Despite these many features and applications of this compression technique format JPEG, it get easily deleted or lost from the memory card. Due to various reasons, these JPEG files get deleted or lost from the devices. After losing of standard file format that is JPEG, you need not to worry as it is possible to recover JPEG files with the help of the recovery tools specifically made for this purpose. It is designed specially to perform JPEG file retrieval with ease. Before knowing more about this tool, let see cases in which JPEG files get deleted or lost from the storing device.

Different cases in which JPEG files get deleted or lost:

  • Human mistake is the case in which human are responsible for the loss of JPEG files. Sometimes users unknowingly may do mistake such as by doing some other button instead opt for the delete option which results in loss of JPEG files from the device.
  • Accidentally formatting the device may lead to the loss of all files from the storage device. No file will be left over after the format process.
  • Attack of virus to the JPEG files makes these files inaccessible and user will find no other option rather than deleting it from the device. So in this case also JPEG file get deleted.
  • Sudden removal of the memory card while previewing JPEG files. This might have chances that the files become inaccessible. If the files become inaccessible then the user may not find any other option except deleting the file.

Ideal features of JPEG Photo Recovery Software:

  • This program works very quickly in retrieving JPEG file as it contain inbuilt program in it.
  • The other formats of the image files like JPG, JFIF, IMG, TIFF, etc. can also be easily recover with the help of this tool.
  • It helps to recover JPEG files with safe and secure on the different versions of Windows and Mac
  • With the help of demo version of this tool, you can preview the lost file at free of cost.

Tips to prevent Photos from getting deleted:

Scan the drive regularly to prevent virus attack.

Don’t remove memory card suddenly while using it.