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Is it possible to fix RAR files?

The RAR is a file format of Win RAR, which is a special type of archive. The RAR is most widely used to send big sized data over the internet. Sometimes a user may find the critical situation to transmit huge sized such as documents, emails, etc. over online. In order to send such huge sized files over the net, a user uses RAR archive to compress them easily.

The RAR files are more susceptible to corruptions because of their size. So many scenarios make RAR files to corrupt; reasons should be virus attack, changing the file extension, etc. If anyone of you faces these problems, it is difficult for you to open the RAR files, and you get frustrated because you want to transmit it over the internet but it is not opening. In such cases use Fix RAR tool, which is highly rated in the market. As it is a read-only application, which performs repair process in a safe and secure way.

Most likely factors, which end up with RAR file corruption are explained below:

  • Changing the file extension: If you try to change the file extension from one file extension to another, for example, abs to abs.rar, it changes only the name but it will not save as RAR file. This leads to corrupt of RAR file.
  • A forceful shutdown of a system: Here, while transferring the file over the internet, sometimes you may face the situation like the sudden hanging of your system. When this problem occurs, you will be confused and face dilemma and you click on option shutdown to close system. Then you go with the forceful shutdown of system results in RAR archive corrupt.
  • Low internet connectivity: Using internet is a very tough competitive matter for everyone. To send the file over the internet you need to have a good internet connection. During file transfer process if the internet connection is low, then also you may face the problem like RAR file corrupt.

This tool is able to recover corrupted RAR file within short span of time. The software repairs the RAR files, which shows errors like bad CRC, unrecognized compression method, etc. It can repair files and rescue corrupt RAR files in a suitable way. It has the capacity to compress big sized RAR file and facilitates user to send such file over the internet. It is developed and designed with advanced algorithms to perform powerful repair of RAR files of different versions. It mends the RAR files, which are inaccessible to the user because of password protection and by using it the user can fix such files in any condition.

The preventive measures taken by the user to stop RAR file corruption are:

Avoid using untrusted third-party tools.

Do not shut down the system while you are transferring RAR file.

Keep updating antivirus software to scan the system at least once in a week.

Some techniques to be followed by you to fix RAR file are:

First, download the demo version of the software and install it. This tool is having the capability to scan the whole drive in a matter of minutes. As soon as scanning process completes, you can view the repaired files with the aid of preview option and if you feel delighted after using the demo form then purchase the full application to save the repaired file.