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Instant Recovery of Files from SanDisk Cruzer

SanDisk Cruzer is a small, proficient storage device where you can store music files, video, Zip files and huge amount of data effectively. SanDisk Cruzer is one among all famous brands of USB drives. There are so many reasons responsible for file loss from this portable USB drive. This article explains the reasons and provides satisfactory solutions to overcome from them.

Have you lost data after formatting of SanDisk Cruzer drive? If yes, it is the most natural case, where you become panic. In such situation, use this software to get back SanDisk Cruzer files like audio, movie, etc.The numerous reasons for data loss are virus attack, abrupt removal of SanDisk Cruzer during data transfer, accidental formatting, etc. This tool has special features to restore data from SanDisk Cruzer.

Possible factors resulting in data loss / deletion from SanDisk Cruzer are:

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes there might be chance of accidentally erasing vital data from SanDisk Cruzer when it is connected to system. This happens if you are in hurry while accessing the files present on this portable device might accidentally click on delete option and this leads to loss of data.
  • Unexpected power failure: At times, while transferring an important file from SanDisk Cruzer drive to PC mean while during this process if sudden power surge takes place then it might ends in data loss.
  • Incomplete file transfer: While transferring a crucial file from SanDisk Cruzer to system during this period if any interruption such as unpredicted errors occurs then it can end up with data loss.

If you are encountering above-mentioned situations then you have to use this ideal tool to bring back lost SanDisk Cruzer data. If you cannot open files on USB drive of different brands like Transcend, Kingston, HP, etc. then use this utility to recover files without any difficulty. This program has in-built scanning algorithms to perform effective scanning of SanDisk Cruzer to locate recoverable data. After the locating the data, this application recovers SanDisk Cruzer data based on file name, file type, date of file creation, etc. Further, you can store the data to any desired location by making use of licensed version of this application.

This most widely used tool is able to bring back lost files in less span of time. As a preventive measure, never attempt to remove SanDisk Cruzer abruptly during data transfer, use safely remove hardware option to remove this portable device. In order to prevent overwriting of SanDisk Cruzer, never try to store new file on it in case of file deletion. If you do so, then it might result in complete file loss and you are unable to recover file from any recovery application. This program is available with trial version through which you can test the capacity of SanDisk file recovery.

Use the trial version of tool, click on option recover files from SanDisk and it performs scanning to find lost files. After the completion of scanning, view the acquired result by using preview option. Once, you feel happy after seeing the result then purchase this program.