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How to Retrieve Lost Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Data stored on system hard drive is very essential. But there are situations that you may lose data from your system hdd. That is, consider a situation that you worked since from a week to complete the project documentation. But after finalization work has been done, you went for a tea break and when you returned back you found that your system starts rebooting itself several times and struck in boot screen by showing error message” No bootable device- insert boot device and press any key”. After seeing this error message you might go for system restart but same screen you are getting again and again. Then just simply understand that your hard drive is crashed.

Hard drive is one of the most important data storage units of the computer system, and HDD is capable to store different kind of data such as multimedia files, documents, software programs, etc. Most of the time it has been noticed that data loss situations occur due to hard drive crash. If you also suffering this kind of data loss situation then no need to worry because, now it’s quite simple to know how to retrieve data from crashed hard drive. This recovery task can be accomplished by using most effective software called Hard Drive Data Retrieval Tool.

Reasons behind data loss or deletion from hard drive

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes users go for deleting the unwanted files from system hard drive to make space for new data to be stored. During this process, accidentally the users may select some crucial files and press delete button which results in huge amount of data loss from hard drive.

OS Upgradation: It has been noticed that system users may go for OS upgradation for additional features. But during this process, if any kind of errors occurs or else upgradation done without taking the backup of the system then it may results in huge data loss.

Other Reasons: You may lose data from your system hard drive due to other reasons like unintentional format, improper defragmentation, virus attack, power surge, interrupted data transfer etc.

Striking features of Hard Drive Data Retrieval Tool

  • This application is well equipped with powerful scanning algorithm that helps you to restore various types of files like audio file, video file, image file etc.
  • Using this tool it is possible to retrieve data from hard drive as well as from other storage devices like USB drive, Thumb drive, flash drive, Memory cards etc.
  • This tool has great feature to support retrieval operation on different hard drive brands like Seagate, Hitachi etc.
  • By making use of this device, you can even retrieve data from formatted and corrupted hard drive.
  • This advanced Data Retrieval Tool can successfully run on all versions of Windows operating system.
  • This tool has “Preview” option; by making use of this option users can preview the recovered files before going to purchase the full version of product.
  • By using this utility it’s easy to retrieve data from crashed hard drive because of its easy user interface. For more details about crashed drive repair just click this link: http://howtoretrieve.com/how-to-retrieve-data-from-crashed-hard-drive.