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How to restore files from Mac OS X Trash ?

Did it ever come to you, that you have deleted the files unintentionally from your Mac OS?  Or have you ever been in circumstances where you have deleted the files (photos, videos, audios) from Mac Trash? Apart from this many times users may format (unintentionally, willingly, accidentally) his/her digital camera/memory cards/hard disk while accessing it. On the other hand, have you ever deleted files from hard disk on Mac?

Mostly the answer would be in positive as people are using Mac machines globally. Disclosing all the facts, here we are with the solutions to perform Macintosh file recovery. If anyone is facing such problems then he/she need not to worry, as all the information related to recovery and deletion will be provided in this article. Here are the types of deletion which may occur due to these specific reasons –

  1. Emptying the files from Trash.
  2. Deleting the files using command delete option.
  3. File deletion from external data storage devices.
  4. Installation of third party tool like antivirus may delete the files
  5. Intentionally formatting of hard disk or unintentional formatting both are dangerous that result in deletion of files completely

If any of the above mentioned file deletion scenarios is followed once then there will be permanent file deletion. You may be the one to face certain problems of file loss and situation might turn to havoc. If files are deleted from Mac Trash then what would be the procedure to restore files from Trash Mac OS X? For the accomplishment of the task you have to use the recovery software. Using the tool is the best option that can bring your data back. This option must be kept for last as you have many ways to perform recovery.

  • Previously created backup can only help you, in order to bring your data back from the devices.
  • Restoring points created just before the deletion can also be the best option to opt for recovery.

Though both of these options are best to opt for but still they have their drawbacks. Restoring points and backup suffer from “Creation Time”. To recover the data from both of these, you have to cross check the creation date. At this stage you don’t have any other way for recuperation.

Deletion of folder is yet another way to delete files in bulk (folder may contain many files). If you delete folders consisting of many files then deletion may be in bulk. Each system has a download folder and all the files  downloaded via internet are saved in that particular folder. The folder may contain your resume, bank statements, pics sent via mails, etc. If the folder is deleted by chance then all the data will be gone at once. Therefore, if you want to recover files in bulk then you need to perform Mac download folder recovery using recovery software.

Instead, before performing any recovery better to have a glimpse on the following tips, so that recovery can be performed with ease.

  • If your download folder is deleted, Trash is emptied, the device is formatted, then you must not save data further in your system
  • Instantly shut down your system so that other data may not be deleted (after installation of third party tool)
  • If you have deleted the files from external storage devices then you have to keep the device idle and stop storing files on it
  • Always try to protect the disk by not using any pirated version of recovery software

When you employ the software to accomplish recovery then there are only few steps to follow in order to recuperate the files. Download the software, install it on your system, launch it, later you will be asked to follow a few instructions and the recovery will be accomplished easily. The software will do the rest of the things for you.

Using the file recovery software, you can recover files of different format from any storage device whether it is, external hard disk, internal hard disk, USB, memory cards, iPods, etc. No extra efforts you have to put for performing recovery, other than using the software. The files which were deleted previously will be given a preview before recovery. The application will give profound scan to the storage devices and will extract the files from it. Hence, the only thing you need to do is keep the recovered files in some secured  devices as backup.