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How to Recover Pictures from SD card

Photos are the best methods to collect memories. To capture precious moments, we always prefer digital cameras. Now-a-days digital cameras are coming with advance technique to capture high quality pictures. There are innumerable brands of digital cameras are available in market with several upgraded features. These digital cameras are having high-resolution facility, and SD card as storage drive.

SD stands for “Secure Digital”, it used to store digital information like pictures, videos, mp3 files etc. SD card is like a small chip, which store data in digital (0’s and 1’s) format. It is totally based on embedded technology. SD card comes with various storage capacities like 5GB, 8GB, and 16GB and so on.

What happen if SD card gets corrupt and you lose all your favorite pictures, which you have captured on your last trip? I know how it feels when this kind of situation happens. If you’re going through with such situation, then leave your worries aside. You can get your pictures back, stay relaxed, and go for picture recovery tool. This tool can recover your lost data only in few steps. Picture recovery software supports all famous brand of SD card like Transcend, San Disk, Kingston and many more. With this tool you can recover pictures from SD with utmost ease.

There are numerous scenarios, which can make your SD card inaccessible or delete some of your pictures and cause data loss. Have a look on some data loss scenarios:

  • Accidental deletion of SD card data
  • Accidentally, clicking on Format option
  • Forcible eliminating of SD card can delete some of the photos from SD card and can even corrupt the SD card
  • Continuous usage of SD card in numerous digital cameras
  • Removing a card without using safely remove wizard
  • If file system of the SD card gets corrupt, then it fails to mount with system, which brings data loss.

All these scenarios, can be avoided if your take you some safety measures, precautions will always be much better than cure. Some precautions are mentioned below which can help you minimizing data loss problem.

  • Use latest version of antivirus and update it once in a month
  • Use strong power source to avoid sudden shut down off of system
  • Maintain a backup and save it in a some reliable storage medium
  • Remove device only after proper ejection
  • Use suitable adapters to connect SD card with system, in order to avoid physical harm to card
  • Use only secure and reliable software for picture recovery
  • Avoid removing card between file transferring processes.

Follow the above mentioned precautions it will prevent you from dreadful data loss scenarios. But to fight with unknown scenarios, you have only one option and that is picture recovery tool. Recover pictures from SD card became very easy with the introduction of this tool. It will recover your lost file/folder even if they are in compressed manner. It searches the lost file on the bases of the file header by scanning the SD card. But one condition, you shouldn’t use that SD further for storing new data, otherwise deleted files will probably be overwritten with the new files, and you can’t recover it. To use this tool, download its free demo version. Preview the recovered images; if you’re delighted by the demo version of the software, then you can go for its full version.