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How to recover deleted files from Windows 7 installed PCs

When you delete the files from your hard drive then Windows 7 places them in the Recycle Bin. Further, those files can be easily undeleted or restored back to their original location. Somehow, you may lose the files due to emptying the Recycle Bin or deleting the files by using some shortcut methods such that without moving them to Recycle Bin. In such type of situations, you need to make use of good file recovery tool in order to restore them back. Let us discuss how files from the storage media can be deleted or lost and how to recover deleted files from Windows 7 installed PC by using file recovery tool.

Deletion of files from storage medium may take place due to various disastrous situations. The situations like files deleted while scanning with antivirus software, usage of Recycle Bin exceeds to its maximum size limit, deletion of files on Windows network shares, deletion of files from flash card or any other storage media, accidental deletion of files using ‘Shift + Delete’ keys, incomplete file transfer (when ‘Cut and Paste’ command has been used), files deleted from the Windows command prompt, and files lost due to defragmentation failure will cause the data loss. Few important case scenarios in which loss of files on the storage media can take place are briefly described below.

  • Files deleted on Windows network shares: With new versions of Windows operating systems, you can share files and documents with local users on your computer and with remote users on a network. Windows provides you a new user interface (UI) called Simple File Sharing and a new Shared Documents feature. On a Windows 7, you can share files between the users with the help of Simple File Sharing UI. Through this simple UI, you can configure both share and NTFS file system permissions at the folder level that apply to the folder, all the files in that folder, subfolders, and all the files in the subfolders. When you delete a file from shares on your network, unlike other local files Windows will not place it in the Recycle Bin. However, if you accidentally delete important files from shares on your network then this may cause the loss of files.
  • Files deleted from other storage media: Suppose you have connected the flash card through USB port, using card reader, to your computer and trying to arrange the files in a proper order. While arranging, if you delete the files from flash card then the deleted files will not move to Recycle Bin and this may lead to loss of files.

Anyhow, it is essential that the user should make use of good file recovery software for complete data recovery. Windows Data Recovery is an efficient file recovery software which can effectively recover deleted or lost files from the storage medium. By using this software, you can recover deleted files from flash card, compact flash card, external USB hard drive, and USB flash drive etc. Download the trial version of this file recovery software that helps you to evaluate file recovery process. If you satisfied with this demo version then buy the full version of file recovery software.