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How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive?

Hard drives are generally used like a primary storage device to keep large amounts of data. Hard drives provide instant access to files, enormous amount of storage capacity and they are generally economical. Computer drives are also known as magnetic storage devices, which read the information through the use of electromagnetic principle. Hard drives may be both external and internal. Internal hard disk drives are found within the system unit, which aren’t built to be taken off your system, until and unless they must be replaced as a result of mechanical damage. Whereas, external hard drives are connected via FireWire port or USB cable and they are generally normally used for additional data storage. For security purposes, these hard disks can be obtained with built-in encryption, which is capable of automatically encrypt the info stored in your hard disk and offers protection against unauthorized users. You may even encounter data loss problems because of logical failures. Sometimes, you may accidentally format the hard drive which could lead to loss of data. But, you don’t need to worry since you can recover files from formatted hard drive easily using efficient recovery tool that is Recover My Deleted. By using this tool, you can easily recover files that can be lost due to formatted hard drive partition. To know complete idea about it, follow this link.

Sometimes, your data could get deleted as a result of malware, spyware or virus attack. Virus has been often a destructive program, which can be designed to destroy or erase all of the original data and produces the data to the hard drive. Because of this problem, you cannot have the ability to open virus infected file causing loss of data. To guard your system against viruses, you should use antivirus programs. If your antivirus program isn’t updated then you may be incapable of remove virus from your system by using antivirus tool. To remove viruses from a system, you can even format the entire hard drive. If your information is essential, then formatting is not a good solution. Because, formatting a hard drive, deletes all data stored in your hard disk and produces new file system to keep new data. Sometimes, rather than formatting one partition, you may accidentally format other partition resulting in loss of data. You can also recover files from formatted hard drive with the help of Recover My Deleted File application.

In such situation, for those who have backup of that data you’ll be able to easily restore it back from that backup file. If you want to recover files from formatted hard drive, then don’t save or copy new files to accidentally formatted hard drive. Because, the new file system that is created after formatting the hard drive is capable of overwriting the new data. Overwriting may result in permanent loss beyond the recovery. You can use Recover My Deleted File tool to recuperate lost data from accidentally formatted hard drives.

Recover My Deleted File program will be able to recover files from formatted hard drive, which can be accidentally formatted, deleted or lost in any way as mentation above. This software supports recovery of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partitions. Recover My Deleted File tool will be able to recover around 200 various kinds of files based on their unique signature. You can view recovered data downloading free demo version of this software. This software provides two choices to view your recovered data i.e. one is file type view and also other is data type view.