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How to Fix Broken AVI File Index in Mac OS X?

AVI is one of the popular video file formats used for storing multimedia files. The name AVI stands for Audio Video interleaved. It contains both audio and video data stored in single container file. AVI is one of the oldest video format and still widely used file format, which can be worked on different platforms like Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux and so on. AVI file format is supported by all standard browsers of Mac.

If you download an AVI file over the internet to your Mac system, there is a slight chance that the file can become corrupted and does not play. This is usually caused by the index; the set of rules which allow you to play forward and locate a certain period of time in video has got corrupted. Hence, your AVI file won’t play in any of your media players.

You can fix broken index AVI Mac with the assistance of Video Repair software. It helps you to fix the broken or damaged AVI files in an easy and unique way when compared to other utility. Before knowing more about this utility, it is good to check some of the scenarios accountable for AVI file corruption.

  • Abruptly removing the flash drive from digital camera containing the AVI file while previewing on camera, results corruption of the file.
  • Playing the AVI file on unsupported media players which doesn’t support the codec of the AVI may damage the AVI file.
  • Compressing or converting your AVI file using an unreliable third party application may result in damaging your AVI file.
  • Interrupting the file transferring process when your AVI file is transferred from one computer to another drive, then the AVI files get corrupted.
  • AVI index file may get corrupted while sharing your files on internet.
  • Your AVI video file may get corrupted if you interrupt the downloading process of the video.
  • Other reasons include bad AVI index, corrupted frames ,Playing your AVI file on a damaged player etc.

Precautions to Avoid AVI File Damage or Corruption:

  • Never remove your memory card suddenly from your device when AVI file transfer is in progress.
  • Every time you download software for video file compression or conversion, check for its authenticity.

Excellent Features of Video Repair Software:

  • Large sized corrupt/ damaged AVI video files can be fixed.
  • Option to preview fixed file before saving. So before you want to purchase the software, you can evaluate the trial version.
  • Video Repair Software uses advanced algorithm to fix broken index AVI Mac.
  • It has a special automatic repair option that separates the audio and video data streams during repairing and then adjoins them to create playable video files.
  • This unique feature of application fixes broken index AVI file which weren’t able to play of media players like QuickTime Player, Adobe Flash CS6, VLC media player, RealPlayer etc.
  • Using this utility you can fix broken index AVI Mac OS for all versions like Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks so on.