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Guidelines to perform formatted hard drive recovery

In personal computers, a partitioning is a process of dividing the hard disk into multiple units so that user can have different partitions which can be used for storing the data. That is nothing but the creation appearance of having separate drives for file management, operating system and other application installation or other purposes. When you format the hard disk, a partition will be created on the hard disk, and the partition information is stored in the partition table. The boot sector contains the information about the size of each partition and the address where each partition begins. When you boot an operating system into your computer, the partition table defines that the hard disk is formatted into how many partitions. However, accidentally formatting the hard drive will lead to erasing the complete data stored by the user and causing data loss. But nothing to worry you can perform formatted hard drive recovery by using a relevant data recovery software.

The loss of data on the hard drive can occur in various situations, some of the common situations in which data loss can occur are as follows.

The computer can be able to begin booting properly, two things should be exist, and they are master boot record and partition table. The partition table should contain at least one active partition. Then only the operating system can load properly depending on the file system format on that partition. If the partition table is deleted or partition information is corrupted then the operating system is not being bootable, and an error message is displayed. This may cause the data on the hard drive become inaccessible.

The operating system can read the partition information and display the available drives if the active partition can be found from the partition table and partition boot sector is proper. If the file system is corrupted then the contents of the drive may not be displayed and the error message is displayed like that “Drive is invalid”. This may lead to loss of data.

The new partition can be created using the third party partitioning utility. If some errors are encountered during the creation of new partition may lead to loss of data. User can edit, create or delete the partitions by using the disk management utility. If a user accidentally deletes the partition then there are chances of losing the important data.

However, it is possible to carry out formatted hard drive recovery and recover lost data from the hard drive by using the good data recovery software. The data recovery software helps you to recover the deleted or lost files from the hard drive (with FAT16, FAT32, Ext FAT, NTFS or NTFS5 file systems). By using this software you can retrieve lost files from accidentally formatted Toshiba laptop hard disk drive, desktop hard drive, external hard drive, Firewire drive and USB drive. Download the demo tool initially in order to examine the recovery results. Once satsfying with the trial version then buy the the complete version data recovery software.