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Data Recovery from Crashed Hard Disk

Mac stands for Macintosh computer i.e. designed by Apple incorporation which provides more reliable user interface and advanced security options. Mac operating is more robust and more loss immune as compared to the windows operating system and allows to add all kind of data files like audio, Video, documents and image files. For the detailed information about the features of Mac OS operating system you can refer this link –Apple OS X

Mac hard drive is a secondary data storage device i.e. used to store user and system related data that are required to boot up the system and also required to work properly.  The hard drive contains read/ write heads to read and write the data, magnetic materials and circuit boards to store the data. But like other operating system Mac also have problem of hard disk failure.

Common reasons for the hard disk crash

  • Some physical reasons for the corruption for the hard disk are write/read head failure, exposure to environmental factors like heat or moisture and aging of the hard drive etc
  • The volume map of the operating system stores all the information about the Mac hard drive volumes like name, date of creation, size and number of volumes created on the hard drive etc and the corruption of volume map causes the booting process failure and then operating system cannot access the data from hard drive
  • Frequent unexpected system shut down, hardware and software conflicts can cause the file system corruption of Mac OS and data cannot be accessible from the hard drive
  • Virus and malware issues can also infect the important boot up system files that may also cause the hard drive corruption
  • Accidental deletion of files can also cause the hard disk failure in the Mac operating system
  • The corruption of MBR also causes the corruption of hard drive because the MBR contains all the necessary information about Mac operating system booting process, required files for booting and partition related information that’s why the corruption of MBR leads to hard drive failure.

If you come across these above mentioned Mac operating system hard drive corruption scenarios then you do not need to be panic .You can easily recover data from crashed Mac hard drive by using card recovery tool. This is the most reliable and sophisticated tool specially designed to recover data from crashed Mac hard drive.

Silent features of card recovery tool:

  • All the platforms of Windows Operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003 and 2008 Server Supports this utility to recover data from crashed Mac hard drive
  • The tool also supports Mac operating system platforms like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks etc. recover data from crashed Mac hard drive
  • It has ability recover data from crashed mac hard drive from NTFS, FAT, Extended FAT
  • The tool having an inbuilt scanning algorithm that quickly scans deleted system files and all other files like audio, video, documents etc.
  • The tool can also recover the files from bad sectors of the hard drive
  • After the recovery, we can preview the recovered files on the browser before the restoration of the recovered files on any storage device
  • The save recovery session allows to save the recovered session and allows to resume this recovery at any point of time.
  • This tool can recover all the corrupted files from Mac hard drive by using unique signature of the file
  • It also allows to recover the files from corrupted as well as dead hard drives