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Best Mac partition recovery software

On Mac system, hard drive can be logically partitioned into multiple units known as Mac volume. A volume in Mac system describes sometimes a full hard disk drive or possibly a section of hard disk, which is partitioned into separate logical unit. In the event the partition can be a single drive, every partition is considered as a volume. For Macintosh operating systems, hard disk could be formatted with HFS+ and HFSX file systems. However, loss of data on Mac may occur as a result of various situations like accidental deletion of a partition or a volume, corruption of hard disk drive, and accidental reinstallation of OS etc. Nevertheless, absolutely nothing to worry now there are plenty of Mac partition recovery software available in market, which helps one to recover lost or deleted partition. Therefore, to be able to recover lost data you should choose superior Mac partition recovery software.

The situations for example corruption of catalog record, corruption of volume header, failure of Master Boot Record (MBR), journal corruption, corruption of Apple partition map, Failure of disk verify and repair tool, accidental formatting or reformatting the volume, and deletion of partitions after repartitioning the Mac hard drive etc include the most frequent reasons behind data loss. Let us briefly reveal few important case scenarios through which loss of data on Mac could be occurred.

  • Volume header corruption: Volume header is usually situated in second sector of the Mac volume while initial two sectors of the Mac volume, which is sector 0 and 1, are HSF boot blocks. Lots of information about the volume is stored in the Volume Header. Volume Header information includes size of allocation blocks, a timestamp that indicates if the volume was developed, location of other volume structures like the Catalog File or Extent Overflow File. However, corruption of volume header can lead to cause an error before processing the data from Mac volume. When this occurs, Macintosh OS cannot recognize the volume and ultimately causing data in the particular volume become inaccessible.
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) failure: A Master Boot Record is the initial sector of the partitioned Mac hard disk drive. It includes information about how the Mac hard drive is partitioned. Master Boot Record holds a partition table, which describes everything about partitions of the hard drive, which is also referred as a partition sector. Anyhow, the Master Boot Record failure may be occurred due to improper shutdown of Mac system caused by power failure. When MBR fails, it is going to bring about data stored in the hard disk become inaccessible.

Anyway, Mac Data Recovery software will help you to recover lost data from the Mac hard drive which can be lost because of previously explained scenarios. This tool gives you a complete recovery of lost, deleted, corrupted, or formatted partition on Mac systems. Even you can download trial version of the tool, which will help in previewing the recovered data. Upon satisfying using the demo version, you can go for buying the software complete version.