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Add or Remove Ms Word 2016 Section Break

Microsoft Word processor offers a feature known as “Section breaks”. This feature helps to split a Word document’s pages into multiple sections that can have different format or a layout. It even helps to create headers and footers.

If you wish to create or remove section break, follow the below simple procedures.

Adding section break on Word 2016

Step 1: Open a Word document. Go to ‘Layout’ tab, under ‘Page setup’ select ‘Breaks’.

Step 2: Choose one of the section break type from following list-

  1. Next Page section break to start new section on existing page (Page Layout => Breaks => Next Page)
  2. Continuous section break to change the number of columns by not starting a new page (Page Layout => Breaks => Continuous)
  3. Even Page section break to start new section on next page that is even numbered (Page Layout => Breaks => Even Page)
  4. Odd page section break to start a new section on next odd numbered page (Page Layout => Breaks => Odd Page)


Removing /deleting section breaks in Word 2016

Note 1! When you remove a section break, MS Word combines the text that aligns before and that is after the break into one single section. And the new combined section will use formatting from the second section (the later one following section break).

Note 2! Section break cannot be applied if the word file is damaged. Initially fix word document corrupted and then perform addition/deletion of section breaks on a page.


Two methods are available to delete a section break-

Method 1: Remove Section breaks manually one by one

Step 1: First click on ‘Home’ tab. Go to ‘Show/Hide Editing Marks’ option and enable all section breaks if section break mark in the document is invisible.

Step 2: Select all the section breaks that you wish to remove

Step 3: Press on the ‘Delete’ key on keyboard

Note 3! Deleting a section break will affect all the formatting styles like removing the headers and footers, the text above and below the break, etc.

Method 2: Delete all the Section breaks with ‘Find and Replace’ option

Step 1: Go to ‘Home’ tab, click on ‘Replace’ to enable

Step 2: It displays ‘Find and Replace’ dialog box. Click on ‘More’ button to show more options.

Step 3: Place the pointer in ‘Find what’ field and select the ‘Section Break’ from ‘Special’ drop-down option

Step 4: You will find a “^b” character in the ‘Find what’ field, click on Replace All. Now all the section breaks will be removed from Word document.