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Recently I created most important PowerPoint file using MS PowerPoint 2007 application and moved that file to Pen Drive. However, next day I was about to give a presentation in the office regarding new ideas to increase product sales.  But when I was to begin a presentation I connected pen drive to the system and attempted to open PPT file, but it displayed an error stating that “file was corrupted”. So, what should I do now to repair that PPT file? Is there any useful solution to fix corruption issues in PowerPoint file?

It is very annoying thing when one of yours the most important PPT file is corrupted due to unknown reasons. However, this corrupted PPT file on Pen Drive can be easily repaired using built-in option i.e. “Repair and Open” which is provided in PowerPoint application. Even after using that option, if you still face corruption issues in PPT file then you have to get assistance from third party repair tool such as PowerPoint Repair which can easily scan your corrupted PPT file and repair successfully. In addition, it restores lost data from PPT file, such as images, OLE objects, text, hyperlinks, format, animations, etc.

List of reasons behind PPT file corruption

  • Virus attacks: Virus threats can easily enter your Pen drive when you share virus infected data or connecting it to the infected system. Later these virus threats attacks files stored in it and alter their file structure, which leads to inaccessible PPT file.
  • Changing file extension: When you frequently attempting to change PowerPoint file extension one format to other in an inappropriate method will result in corruption of PPT file.
  • CRC Error: When you download a PPT file from email application or any other application using low internet bandwidth there might be chances of getting CRC error if your downloaded file is not matched with the source file.
  • Application error: Suppose if you attempted to edit PPT file in your system using PowerPoint application that is terminating suddenly due to application level error might result in file corruption.

List of above-mentioned reason might corrupt your PowerPoint file and results in inaccessible file. If your PowerPoint is corrupted due to any of above mentioned reasons and failed to open it on any supporting MS PowerPoint application, then no need to worry. Because with the use of PowerPoint repair application, you can easily repair powerpoint file in few steps and even it recovers all lost or deleted data from it, such as text, formatting, animations, sound effects, images, etc.

Caution: Suppose when you come to know that your file is corrupted and unable to read it then avoid attempting to access repeatedly because corruption level may increase in your file and leads to permanent loss.

Special features of the application are

  • Fixes corrupted, damaged, broken PPT files
  • Fixes other formats of PowerPoint file such as PPTX, PPS, PPSX files
  • Fixes PPT files with actual presentation headers and footers
  • Fixes PPT file created on various versions of PowerPoint application
  • Supports PPT file repair process on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 etc
  • Allows you to preview fixed PPT file once repairing process gets complete
  • Provides free tech support for 24*7 hours to solve your queries via email and live chat applications
  • Application keeps your file undamaged
  • Performs safe and quick PPT file repair

Tips to follow

  • Do not store PPT file in virus-contaminated devices
  • Make use of updated antivirus application to kill virus threats
  • Make sure PowerPoint application is appropriate before opening any PPT file in it
  • Utilize high bandwidth internet facility while downloading PPT file
  • Have a backup copy of essential PPT file

Note: Before utilizing full version software, make use of the demo version and check whether the application is able to fix corruption issues in your PowerPoint file. If your file is repaired successfully by recovering all deleted items then purchase activation key to save fixed PPT file to your disk.

“Hi, my system hard drive has been crashed, because of this it is showing a Blue Screen of Death i.e. BSOD from morning. I don’t know what to do now, I had saved many important files in it. All those files cannot be accessed from my system. Can please anyone tell me how to restore data after blue screen of death? I need an optimistic solution.”    

Well, this sort of problem is quite common. You’ll get such errors when the hard disk of your computer gets crashed. All the files that have been stored in hard disk get lost in this scenario, if you too have come across a situation like this then don’t ever get panic. Right now it is possible to recover data after blue screen of death, and for recovering the data you have to make use of Data Recovery Software. As the name itself suggest, this is nothing but a computer application which is basically used for recovering data from hard drive of computer system. It’s a powerful recovery software, which has been developed and launched by highly experienced techies. With the help of this Data Recovery Software, you can retrieve data after BSOD in few simple clicks. It comes with many incredible features, which are quite unique and proves to be very supportive for recovering data after blue screen of death. Coming to interface of tool, its really stunning and user friendly and the most important thing is, it gives comprehensible directions for each and every step. By following those steps, even an inexperienced who has less knowledge can employ the tool and recover data.

As already mentioned above that BSOD occurs due to crashing of hard disk, now let us have a concise discussion on some important scenarios due to which hard drive crashes.

  • Virus Infection: Virus is a highly disastrous element, if it enters in to the hard drive starts corrupting the files that have been stored in it. In certain critical cases, if virus infects system files then hard drive may crash, after which BSOD occurs on your screen. However, if you want restore important data in this condition, then you have to utilize Data Recovery App.
  • MBR Corruption: MBR stands for “Master Boot Record”, it’s nothing but a small program which gets loaded on RAM at the time of booting. It maintains vital info and performs important functions that are essential for booting. Due to any known or unknown reason, if it get corrupted then there are great possibilities for hard disk to get crash. When hard disk crashes you PC gives BSOD and important data which is stored on disk gets lost. But using data recovery utility, you could restore data with utmost ease.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are often created on hard disk, these bad sectors are nothing but a region on hard disk, which fails to boot. If there are too many bad sectors present on hard disk, the usually hard disk gets crashed and important data gets lost.
  • File System Corruption: In every storage device, there exists a file system. Even in hard drive file system is present, which is basically a data structure that plays a very important role in storing and retrieving data on drive. When file system gets severely corrupted due to any known or unknown reason, then hard drive will get crash which in turn generates blue screen of death resulting in huge loss of important data. But with the aid of data recovery utility, it is possible to recover data after blue screen after death.
  • Improper System Shut Down: As a result of frequent surge in power supply, if computer shuts down in an improper manner, then there are possibilities of hard disk to get crashed.

Other than these, there are few more reasons due to which blue screen of death occurs, but you don’t have to get worried in any respect, because Data Recovery Utility knows how to restore data after blue screen of death. This application proves to be highly powerful and the most proficient one, when compared with other tools that are available on web these days.

Remarkable Features of Data Recovery Software:

Data Recovery Tool is a safest computer software, which is totally free from various harmful elements like malware and malignant programs. It’s easily compatible with all available versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 8, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. It supports all available versions of Mac including Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. With the help of this recovery app you could get back lost or deleted data from various secondary storage devices like pen drives, external hard disks, memory sticks, memory cards, iPod, FireWire drives, etc. It has the capability of recovering more than 300 types of files which comprises photos, videos, songs, Word documents, PPT files, Excel files, PDF and many more. Once files are recovered they can be sorted on the basis of file type, creation date, file format, etc. It recovers data from various kinds of hard drives interfaces including IDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA, etc. It has potential to recover data from various brands of hard drives including Toshiba, Samsung, SanDisk, Adata, Western Digital, Seagate, Sony, etc. This robust tool supports data recovery from various file systems including NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX, etc. It consumes very less space on hard disk of computer. It has remained an award winning utility consistently from past several years and has obtained several compliments from its users. Evaluate demo version of this recovery tool, if you feel it works as per your requirement then get its licensed version.

Precautionary steps:

  • Make use of updated version of antivirus tool to keep the system free from virus.
  • Use reliable source of power supply to avoid unexpected system shut down.

Even after following these above stated precautionary steps, if the hard drive crashes and blue screen of death occurs, then just make use of data recovery app and restore all your important files in just few moments.

Steps to use recover data after blue screen of death:

  • Download and install data recovery application on a healthy computer system. Connect the hard drive to healthy system. Launch the software and select “Recover Drives” from main screen, after this in second screen you have to select “Partition Recovery” and click on next button.
  • On third screen that appears on your computer, you have to select the partition from which you want to recover data. Once it is selected, the software scans and recovers entire data. You can easily preview all those files, but to save them you have to purchase its licensed version.

I have done some important work and saved it in word file and suddenly I realize that I have lost my whole day work because of corruption of word file. This is frequently happened problem which is caused by various exceptional reasons. Once your word file is get corrupted then you may become restless because you don’t want to do the same work again which is lost by corruption of word file. Some people may think that it is impossible to repair that corrupted word file but it is not like that. As you can repair corrupted word file by using appropriate repairing tool like Word file repair software.

Microsoft Word is text editing and creating application which is developed and published by Microsoft Corporation which is available in Microsoft Office suite. There are various versions are available of Microsoft office word such as 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc. By using MS Word application you can create the word file and save the word file for later reproduction or editing. Word files are saved with .doc and .docx file extensions these are the famous word file formats.

Sometimes you may got stuck into situation where you have get deleted some important word file documents and you recovered that deleted files by any recovery tool. But there may be possibility of corruption word file in recovery process. If this happens then you are not able to open the 2003 word file then make use of word file repair software which is capable to repair 2003 word document. This efficient tool can repair corrupted Word file within very short amount of time because it has the strong scanning algorithm.

Scenarios of Corruption of 2003 Word Document:

  • Software Conflicts: Suppose you have created Word file in 2003 version and you use that Word file in 2007 version then it may result in corruption of Word file document.
  • Macro Virus Threat: Macro virus is the most harmful virus which affects and manipulates property of word file. It directly attacks on header file of word document which may corrupt the 2003 word document and eventually make word file inaccessible.
  • Improper Termination of System: Microsoft Word file can damage due to improper or abrupt shut down of system while Doc file is in transfer process or it is in recover process then it eventually result in corruption of word file.
  • Other Reasons: Apart from above reasons there are various reasons which cause to corruption of word file such as power fluctuation which might let system go down, improper fragmentation, abrupt closing the Word application.

Tremendous Features of Word File Repair Tool:

Word file repair software can efficiently repair DOC and DOCX files. This utility has the capability to repair Word files which are refuse to open due to any corruption has occurred. Once repair process has completed then you can preview the data which is recovered from the damaged Word file. Recovered contents of file can be saved to any destination location accessible to host operating system. Word file repair software supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows operating system. This tool can repair Word file after it has been recovered, if you want to know about repairing the word file after recovery then click here:

File Corruption?? This issue concerns a lot to people whenever their files are unfortunately got corrupted. No one can afford file corruption because they might have spent a lot time and took effort to make that file. Therefore file corruption is a thing that nobody wants to get happen in their life. Computer files are somewhat same but quite in diverse manner as paper document files which can be traditionally kept throughout office and stockpile. As these paper document files could easily get threatened by a few reasons, your computer files are sensitive to receive corrupt. File can have almost any data like photos, videos, audios, method files, applications, and many more.

These days storage capacity associated with computer becomes huge by which you can store more data. As you store data on computer you possibly can lose some type of important data by means of some unavoidable reasons. File corruption might happen on account of various reasons such as deletion done by third party application, defrag failure, etc but as opposed to this your file may threatened by means of unusual threats and turn in to corrupt or inaccessible to you. Hence file corruption may send you to get frustrated. In case you go through this case then just use Corrupt File Repair Tool which often can reduce your aggravation by repairing this corrupt file. This utility can repair corrupt Microsoft Outlook PST file, to know further about this click here:

Reasons of file corruption: -

  • There is potential for occurrence of logical error which is caused by software program conflict, logical injury on storage device, operating system freeze. As an results of this file becomes inaccessible to people.
  • Virus threat could be principle threat regarding file corruption because once a detrimental code is infected inside your system it will certainly harm your almost all files on pc.
  • When you reduce the size of file by compressing, then there’s strong possibility regarding file corruption because you compressing the file it will eventually generate a wrong compressed file.
  • If your document is saved in bad sectors of hard drive which can lead to corruption of document.
  • Suppose you are working on some files and simultaneously application is ended abnormally either intentionally or unintentionally that may cause file corruption.

It is possible to avoid these earlier mentioned malfunctions by managing the applications and properly storing the files, with these safety measures such as taking backup of file, installing antivirus software upon machine. But if you are unable to obey these precautionary measures and find some of your files are got corrupted then you certainly need an effective tool to repair corrupted files.

Useful top features of Corrupt File Repair Software: -

Corrupt File Repair utility can perform repair operation on numerous types of files such as PST file, Expression files, PPT documents, RAR files, ZIP files, PSD documents, MOV and AVI documents. In short this is a one stop application which will fulfill your all needs regarding file corruption. It is often a powerful tool which facilitates you to repair the severely corrupted files in just a fraction of time because it has a solid algorithm. Once repair procedure ends you can preview your data that is restored from corrupted file. While doing repair process it keeps original file Intact rather then this it merely creates new report and saves the end result in that healthful file.

Is your memorable images erased from digital camera and you don’t have any clue to restore it? If yes, just read out this detailed article to perform recovery process with an utmost ease.

About Digital Camera:

Digital Camera is widely used by many people around the globe to capture HQ images and record High-Pixel videos on special events for memorable purposes. The photos and videos are eventually stored on storage device which comes along with digital camera. Also, images can be transferred and moved to PC/Laptop for preserving it.

However, there are also chances for images to get deleted from digital camera. For example; you may choose to delete some unwanted photos to increase the available memory space on digital camera SD card. At times, you may end up deleting some important images by selecting delete all option in a hurry. This sort of incidence will make you fed up since you might have lose the photos which you don’t want to lose until your lifetime. Well, if you are the one who faced such type of state then you are at right place. Yes! With the usage of Digital Camera Recovery Software you can easily restore erased images from digital camera in a mere amount of time.

How images get deleted?

Anti-Virus Utility: You may decide to back up the photos from digital camera to system. If the system is protected with anti-virus software, it will start to scan the entire SD card automatically. At times, it might remove erase some of your precious photo gallery as a result of hazardous virus infection.

File System Corruption: File system is used to hold information such as file name, file size, created date, modified date, size and location of each and every file. If it corrupts due to any unforeseen technical glitches then there is a possibility for SD card failure which in turn leads to deletion of photos and other files.

Abrupt Camera Switch-Off: While capturing photos, if the digital camera switches off due to low battery or any malfunctioning then there are chances for captured photos to get deleted from digital camera.

Whatever may be the reason behind deletion of photos from digital camera but by using digital camera recovery software you can restore images in a few clicks.

Salient Features of this software:

  • This software has the capacity to restore deleted images from digital camera without any risk.
  • This is the perfect tool to recover erased pictures from various brands of digital cameras such as Canon, Konica, Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and many others.
  • With an assistance of this tool, you can bring back deleted images from different kinds of digital camera SD cards.
  • Also, this tool supports recovery of erased images from external hard drives, fire wire, iPods, etc.
  • Save Recovery Session available in this utility is used to resume the recovery process at any time which also helps to avoid the re-scanning of retrieved images again.
  • Once the images are recovered, it can be previewed before storing into any desired location.
  • This software can be used in both Windows and Mac OS.
  • This perfect tool can retrieve digital images without any difficulty. To know more about how to recover digital images in specific, visit this page:

Media players are utilized to play media files like audio, video, movies etc. You may have seen various kinds of media players among them iTunes is a popular media players these days. The reasons behind the popularity of the iTunes is it  assist the users to download the media files  also it will give excellent  sound and video clarity  making users to feel  the  awesome music environment  when they use iTunes.

Initially, it was used in Mac devices only but now it could be seen on Windows systems also. The latest version of iTune for Windows is 12. 0. 1. The iTunes library gets updated each time when you add any kind of new movie file to its list. This facilitates you a outstanding option  for example once you downloaded  the movie then you can share it among 6 members  by utilizing family sharing option  as well as your family members can download it cost free. In certain cases your movie file could get deleted or lost, and for those who have already came cross this sort of problem then no need to worry because, this article provides you with ultimate recovery tool named as iTunes Recovery Tool. By utilizing this astonishing tool iTunes movie recovery is quite simple now.

Let’s try to know how iTunes movies get delete/loss

  • While downloading some movie file from internet a number of untrustworthy websites may infect your downloaded movie file and it will results in movie file loss or deletion.
  • Sometimes, the iTune movies could get loss because, if you’ve place them incorrectly within the registry or wrong set up of movie folder could also leads movies to loss.
  • iTunes may get corrupt due to broken file system or even corrupted iTunes movie libraries.
  • If you are moving movies from iTunes to system then at that time of time if any interruption occurs then your iTunes users will lose the entire iTunes library.
  • It could also notice the iTunes library may get loss because of system formatting.
  • Sometimes, human errors like accidental deletion could also leads to deletion of iTunes files from your system.

Outstanding features associated with iTunes Recovery Tool:

  • This advanced utility will give you the excellent scanning engine. By using this, it could be possible to perform the deep scanning to recuperate lost or deleted iTunes movie files, and even it permit you to recover iTunes movies from system volumes which are not even ready in order to mount.
  • After the achievement of iTunes movie recovery process, it enables you to definitely preview restored iTunes files before restoration. The restored files can sorted depending on name, size, types, and so on.
  • The recovered files could be easily found by utilizing find control option which can be provided by the iTunes Recovery Software.
  • It could also possible get back the iTunes from different removable devices for example external hard drive, pen drive, memory cards etc. To know more regarding iTunes recovery from external hard disk then visit this  website:
  • It could also possible to recover movies from corrupted iTunes.
  • This utility enables you to recover the iTunes in the hard drive which may be formatted by different file system HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and also FAT32.

Do your precious files from external disk drive deleted accidentally or as a result of unavoidable reasons then you can definitely effortlessly perform recovery by reading out this brief article having an utmost ease.

External hard drive is used by most people to store and backup important files which can’t be saved on internal hdd as a result of security reasons or lack of memory. Having external disk drive is an advantage but how are you affected if your important records got deleted?

For instance, you may decide to move some of your files from external disk drive to system after hooking up it as USB storage space, after selecting files you would possibly click “delete” key rather than pressing “move” option which cause to lose some of your essential files from external hard disk drive. When you lose the important files then it allows you to feel frustrated. Well! We are able to understand your situation yet don’t get tensed as you are right location. The good thing is, with the usage of External Hard drive Recovery Software any of you’ll be able to recover deleted file from external disk drive and this utility allow user to recoup deleted files in an original and efficient way.

Attractive Highlights of External Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software provide user-friendly interface which is means that you can easily accomplish your undertaking within minutes, due to this reason it is recommended by many industry professionals to recoup deleted files from external disk drive.
  • It has a chance to perform recovery on various brands of disk drive such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital, Sony and many more.
  • By using this utility, user can recover removed files from file systems for instance FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and also HFS+ partitions.
  • This tool comes with an ability to retrieve removed files from SATA, SSD, SCSI and IDE hard drives and also from additional storage devices like memory cards, flash drives, Fire wire, iPods, etc.
  • It enhances user to “find files” through the retrieved data on such basis as file name, created time, modified date, extension and also size.
  • Demo version of the tool allows user to be able to “Preview” restored files before storing into any sought after location.
  • This software is usually installed and utilized properly in major Windows and Mac OS consisting of Windows 8, Windows 7, Or windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.


Scenarios where this recovery software is usually applied:

  • Third Party Anti-Virus Utility: Virus has a chance to enter external hard drive and corrupt files simply. It happens due to be able to receiving files from computer virus attacked system, downloading from untrusted or pirated internet websites, etc. To overcome with this disaster, you may approach vacation anti-virus to remove virus out of your external hdd. Thus while scanning process this vacation tool will remove just about all virus infected files through the hard disk.
  • Interruptions throughout File Transfer: After connecting external disk drive to system, you might wish to transfer files between your devices. While performing this, if you unknowingly eject your external drive during file transfer then there is a possibility for files to obtain deleted.

Whatever may be the issues for deletion of records from external hard drive you can make use of External Hard drive Recovery tool which can certainly recover your deleted files very easily. Also, this software has a capacity to recover your lost files thus in order to know how to recuperate lost files from external drive:

Hi, is your essential files got deleted or lost from external hard drive and are you searching for prominent tool to recover your lost files? Then, read out this brief article to know how to recover files in simple way.

About External Hard Drive:

External hard drive is a storage device used to save and backup any kind of files such as audios, videos, applications, pictures, video clips and movies. Additionally, it is a removable device and can be carried out anywhere so user has an option to store their essential and password protected files.

However, what happens if you lost your files from external hard drive due to hard drive crash or some other reasons. Surely, you will get frustrated since you may end up in losing some of your important files which can’t be created again. But, don’t worry if you have encountered such situation because by making use of External Hard Drive Recovery tool you can easily perform external hard drive file recovery. Moreover this tool is considered as one of the popular product since it is suggested by many industry experts.

Remarkable Features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This tool has an ability to recover many types of files such as images, video clips, audios, applications, documents and presentations without any difficulty.
  • It is built with an advanced algorithm which makes file recovery simple and efficient. Additionally, user can also customize the recovery process by adding or editing the file signatures.
  • With the usage of this utility, user can recover lost or deleted files from various brands of external hard drives such as Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Hitachi, LaCie, Samsung and many others.
  • Once the file is recovered, user has an option to use “Save Recovery Session” to avoid re-scanning of hard disk.
  • Recovered files can be viewed on the basis on the “file type view” option.
  • This prominent utility supports recovery from various types of file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFSX, HFS+ partitions /volumes.
  • It can be installed and performed well in major Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Scenarios where you can use External Hard Drive Software:

  • When you try to transfer file from external hard drive to system or vice-versa; if any interruptions occurs such as sudden system shutdown due to power failure or system freeze then there are chances that you may end up in losing your essential files.
  • If your files got deleted or lost during re-partitioning or re-formatting then you can use this utility to effectively restore your files back.
  • When you try to open hard disk, at times it will force you to “format the drive” after that you will be blocked from accessing the files on hard drive. Inorder to get rid of it, you might format the hard drive intentionally which in turn leads to huge loss of files.
  • Other scenarios such as malware infection, file system conversion error, defrag failure, software conflicts, etc. may also result in file loss or deletion from external hard drive.


Additional Info: If your file got deleted from external hard drive then you can perfectly recover it by using this powerful tool. To know more about how to recover deleted file from external hdd visit this page:

Data stored on system hard drive is very essential. But there are situations that you may lose data from your system hdd. That is, consider a situation that you worked since from a week to complete the project documentation. But after finalization work has been done, you went for a tea break and when you returned back you found that your system starts rebooting itself several times and struck in boot screen by showing error message” No bootable device- insert boot device and press any key”. After seeing this error message you might go for system restart but same screen you are getting again and again. Then just simply understand that your hard drive is crashed.

Hard drive is one of the most important data storage units of the computer system, and HDD is capable to store different kind of data such as multimedia files, documents, software programs, etc. Most of the time it has been noticed that data loss situations occur due to hard drive crash. If you also suffering this kind of data loss situation then no need to worry because, now it’s quite simple to know how to retrieve data from crashed hard drive. This recovery task can be accomplished by using most effective software called Hard Drive Data Retrieval Tool.

Reasons behind data loss or deletion from hard drive

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes users go for deleting the unwanted files from system hard drive to make space for new data to be stored. During this process, accidentally the users may select some crucial files and press delete button which results in huge amount of data loss from hard drive.

OS Upgradation: It has been noticed that system users may go for OS upgradation for additional features. But during this process, if any kind of errors occurs or else upgradation done without taking the backup of the system then it may results in huge data loss.

Other Reasons: You may lose data from your system hard drive due to other reasons like unintentional format, improper defragmentation, virus attack, power surge, interrupted data transfer etc.

Striking features of Hard Drive Data Retrieval Tool

  • This application is well equipped with powerful scanning algorithm that helps you to restore various types of files like audio file, video file, image file etc.
  • Using this tool it is possible to retrieve data from hard drive as well as from other storage devices like USB drive, Thumb drive, flash drive, Memory cards etc.
  • This tool has great feature to support retrieval operation on different hard drive brands like Seagate, Hitachi etc.
  • By making use of this device, you can even retrieve data from formatted and corrupted hard drive.
  • This advanced Data Retrieval Tool can successfully run on all versions of Windows operating system.
  • This tool has “Preview” option; by making use of this option users can preview the recovered files before going to purchase the full version of product.
  • By using this utility it’s easy to retrieve data from crashed hard drive because of its easy user interface. For more details about crashed drive repair just click this link:

In today’s world every one have craze to capture the images of their memorable moments and store on the computer hard disk. Because, after creating the album on hard disk drive user can view anytime. Computer is the electronic gadget that has capacity to store different variety of picture files and mange easily. It stores all information on different partitions created on the system storage media. However, there are many circumstances due to which you can face the loss the picture files from HDD. Nowadays, if you have deleted any picture either accidentally or knowingly and wants to get back then it’s not difficult. By using How to Restore application you can easily rescue deleted files from any unavoidable situation.

Suppose, computer memory is almost full and you select unwanted files to erase. Along with that you select some crucial picture files and in hurry press delete button. Immediately, you click on Recycle bin and search deleted pictures. Unfortunately, the deleted files will bypass the Recycle bin because the size of the Recycle bin has reached to its maximum limit. At this stage you can make use of this more advance utility to recover image files. For further enquiry, visit this page

Suppose, you have downloaded some application from the internet along with that some harmful program may also get an access into your PC which can affects on the system performance and also corrupt some picture files. To solve such undesirable situation you scan the computer with antivirus to remove this harmful program. However, this third party application deletes some severe corrupted images without any intimation to the end user. It may result in complete loss of pictures. Most of the time user move files from computer to any other external disk drive by using cut and paste command, while moving if you encounter any unavoidable situation which stops transfer process for example sudden power failure, system reboot then it may result in loss of images.  Sometimes, you purposefully erase picture files to have free space on the drive where you select those images and press SHIFT + DELETE command. It will bypass the Recycle bin and you won’t be able to get them back in future in case if you require. It causes to the complete loss of images.

This professional tool can help to rescue deleted images from the computer hard disk drive in all the above discussed scenarios. It has ability to answer the question that can you retrieve deleted pictures from computer hard disk drive manufactured by various brands like Transcend, Kingston, Hitachi and so on. Along with these features, it is capable to restore deleted photos from numerous other external HDD (ATA, IDE, SATA, SCSI), pen drive, thumb drive and others. By utilizing this tool you can retrieve number of files such as Word file, PPT, PPTX, videos (MPEG, MP4), audios (MP3, WAV), etc. It developed in such a way that everyone can perform recovery operation without the technical knowledge, you can even say that it is user friendly.